Top Places to Catch the Last of the Summer Rays

Barcelona sunny city Spain

Barcelona is by far one of the most popular cities in Europe and a year-round destination. But the best times to visit are summer and Christmas time. So if you still haven’t made any plans for the end of the summer, book your tickets right now.

Corcisa paradise island

A small Italian diamond; really beautiful and isolated. The perfect way to spend the rest of your summer - especially if you’re seeking a little romance.

Spectaculare Hong Kong

Tired of Europe? Hong Kong is the place for you. This enigmatic city of skyscrapers, ancient traditions, heavenly food and stunning landscapes will make your summer unforgettable.

Lost Ittoqqortoormiit Greenland

Or, on the other hand, let's go in completely the opposite direction - to Ittoqqortoormiit in Greenland. Want to escape our modern world? Ittoqqortoormiit is one of the most difficult places to get to compared to the others we've been talking about. This small town in Greenland can only be reached by taking a once-per-week flight from Iceland, and then a helicopter ride to this small glacial town in Greenland. But you can be sure it’s worth it.

Portugal Lisbon tram

Want to feel the spirit of San Francisco but don't have time to fly that far? Visit Lisbon instead. Small narrow streets, trams, even a smaller copy of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s all here.

Forest Trail Lithuania Anyksciai

This medieval town and its surroundings has lots to offer tourists. Opened only a few weeks ago, in August 2015, Anyksciai walking trail through the tree tops is the only one of its kind in the Baltic States. Can you imagine taking a pleasant 20-minute walk, right next to the gorgeous tree tops, and sharing a bird's-eye view over the valley?

Romantic Venice Italy

Still want to visit something different? One of a kind? Venice is the place that pops into your mind right away. Canals instead of regular city streets, gondolas instead of taxis. The ideal way to spend the last days of summer.

Astonishing Stavanger Norway

Norway is famous for its harsh climate, so don’t wait until winter to visit. Go to Trolltunga; a great place to go hiking through one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can start your journey from Stavanger or Bergen. Both spectacular Norwegian cities. As a matter of fact Norway's landscapes have even been compared to New Zealand's so don't miss it.

Tower bridge London

August is considered to be the least rainy month of all the summer months in England, so don't waste time and book a ticket to London. It's a very green city and you will love the parks, the wildlife around the city, and the summer spirit.

Beautiful Santorini island

It’s hard to think of a more beautiful island then Santorini Island in Greece. Cute white houses, lazy trails and blue waters. This place really does look like paradise and it will be an amazing place to spend the end of this wonderful summer.

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