The Best Way to Experience Venice

As the famous poet Frances Mayes said,  “Venice, the most touristy place in the world, is still just completely magic to me”.

Night streets of Venice

Venice is magical for everyone, but we offer a unique way to experience Venice, without the hordes of tourists. At night, when the day tourists go home and the tour groups and backpackers mainly go back to their hotels at Mestre, Venice will open up its real beauty and secrets to you; like it did to us.

Night experience in Venice

Imagine a cool refreshing breeze from the lagoon and the magical lights of the lanterns reflected on the canals… In the moonlight, Venice is definitely the most romantic city in the world!

Venice beautiful night photos

Venice is unlike any other place on earth. Its turquoise waters and cobblestone streets make you feel like you have travelled back in time. The one and only thing that can disrupt these feelings are the endless crowds of tourists that overwhelm Venice every single day.

That's why you should definitely lose yourself here at night. Start your walk after the sun goes down, sip a drink at a bar or have a few portions of delicious Italian gelato as, by midnight, the city shuts down.

Saint Marco square in Venice at night

Venice doesn’t have nightclubs or late-night bars, so the best thing for night owls to do is take advantage of the quieter streets and just wander around.

Night walk in Venice

The night experience here is the most authentic from a historical point of view, as Venice by night looks and feels exactly the same as it did centuries ago. There is almost nothing to remind you that you are in the present day (except maybe your own camera or phone).

Market in Venice at night

It's hard to find a place more romantic than Venice at night. Take a stroll through St Mark's Square, along the Rialto Bridge, and if you are lucky enough to have come here with someone you love – kiss in the narrow streets of this enchanting city.

Beautiful Laguna Venetta night view in Venice

The night reveals the true spirit of Venice, its romance and unique atmosphere. If you have the chance, you should definitely spend a few days on this incredible island and sample a late night walk or a relaxing gondola ride under the moonlight.

Venice at night - beautioful photos and wallpapers

It costs a bit more to be serenaded at night while gliding along the Venetian canals but it’s also a once in a lifetime experience you can't afford to miss.

Download Venice wallpapers for free

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