The Very Edge of Great Britain – The White Cliffs of Dover

Immortalised in movies and books, these iconic cliffs are among the main landmarks of Great Britain. Perhaps one of the most popular attractions in the whole of England, the White Cliffs of Dover form part of England's coastline and are the closest part of the country to France. They reach up to 110m in height and the high amount of chalk in their composition gives them their stunning white appearance.

Beautiful Dover cliffs sea view

These cliffs have played a major role in Britain's history as they overlook the narrowest stretch of the English Channel where many important battles took place, like the Battle of Britain during World War II. At the same time they formed a symbolic guard; a wall that made invasion by sea almost impossible.

London St Pancras Railway Station

The Cliffs are located about 130 km from London. The easiest way to reach them is by using a comfortable high-speed train from St Pancras Railway Station, which takes about an hour to reach Dover.

Tourist map of Dover

Once you reach Dover, you have to walk for around an hour to reach the Cliffs. The city of Dover itself is quite small and there are maps everywhere so don't worry about getting lost. Do, however, prepare yourself for some hard uphill walking. The Cliffs are pretty high and you have to walk all the way up.

View over famous Dover Port

On your way you'll see the famous Port of Dover. This is the world's busiest passenger port, with 16 million travellers and 2.8 million cars a year.

 Path along the Dover Cliffs

If you're afraid of heights, this might not be the place for you. In some places, you'll be walking quite close to the edge and there are no fences at all.

Breathtaking view Cliffs of Dover

The view that will take your breath away…

Cliffs or Dover sunny day

We suggest checking the weather before you start your journey. It would be a shame if this staggering view were covered in clouds and mist. A sunny day is a must for this trip.

Edge of White Cliffs in Dover

If you are brave enough, you can walk right to the very edge of the Cliffs, with a sheer drop that will bring you back to sea level...

Amazing place for photoshoot in Dover

Fantastic landscape view Dover cliffs

And don't forget to bring your camera! After all, this is the ideal place to take some stunning photos.

Lighthouse with tea house Dover cliffs

At the very end of the trail, a reward awaits you - a beautiful Victorian South Foreland Lighthouse at the very top of the Cliffs, complete with a classy tea house.

Tea house in lighthouse Dover cliffs

Lighhouse tea house interior

After a long walk, there's nothing better than a wonderful hot cup of milky English tea, served with muffins, in such a beautiful setting.

Tea room Dover Cliffs highthouse

This was the first lighthouse to be powered by electricity and is the site of the first international radio transmissions, in 1898.

Interior details tea house Dover cliffs

It really feels like you are visiting your grandma's place and this was exactly what we needed at this point.

Perferct picnic place Dover Cliffs

If the weather is nice, you can even organise a small picnic on the Cliffs themselves.

Dover Cliffs warning sign

There was also the possibility of climbing down the Cliffs to the beach but... oh well, what a shame.

Extreme yoga Dover Cliffs

So, we decided to do something else instead – how about a little “acroyoga” on the Cliffs?

Dover Cliffs fun acroyoga

Every journey is about having fun, isn’t it?

Amazing journey to White Cliffs of Dover

Don’t forget to visit the Fan Bay Deep Shelter. For years it lay forgotten, deep within the White Cliffs of Dover. Rediscovered in 2013, you can now take a special tour through a labyrinth of long-forgotten tunnels. Are you ready to descend 125 steps, 23 metres deep into the Cliffs, wearing a hard hat and holding a torch?

 Beauty view of White Cliffs of Dover

After you return from the tunnels you will feel …free!

Landscape White Cliffs of Dover

It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful place is located so close to the busy streets of London.

Dover city centre

The City of Dover itself is also a very nice place to explore. Impressive Dover Castle is not to be missed. It holds 2,000 years of rich history, and recently became the backdrop for the latest “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie.

Dover city in details

Dover city house signboard

The town itself is very classy and very English and we absolutely loved it.

Train from Dover to London

After spending a wonderful six hours in Dover, it was time to head back to London for dinner.
We really encourage everyone to visit this wonderful place; you will definitely remember it fondly.

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