Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones, Colorful Peacocks and Hidden Bar in a Cave

After a car trip along the Balkans I felt in love with their beauty and charm. Dubrovnik, appeared  to be one of my brightest impressions. It is a city of a picturesque old town with marble streets, baroque buildings and endless shimmering  of the Adriatic. This city attracts millions of tourists and many celebrities such as Tina Turner, Brian Ferry. Diego Maradona was also recently spotted here. Now I understand why.

Beautiful girl enjoying amazing view of Dubrovnik

I would name Dubrovnik one of most magnificent cities in the world for its impressive location, overlooking the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Amazing room in Hotel More on Lapad Peninsula

In Dubrovnik we decided to stay at Hotel More that has settled down on the peaceful Lapad Peninsula, where green pine forests and dramatic cliffs scenery is just made for admiration. The hotel is all about the panoramic view across Lapad Bay from its pool, restaurant and bars. 

Hotel's Bar More in a real cave

The main gem of the hotel is its Cave Bar More made in a real cave with the bay view terrace.

Peaceful atmosphere of the Cave Bar More

We preferred peaceful atmosphere here to noisy bars in the Old Town located in 15-minute drive from the hotel.

Cave Bar More - Hotels More bar made in a natural cave

Amazing design of More bar in Dubrovnik

Amazing fresh sea food in More Restaurant

More Restaurant serves amazing fresh sea food…

Delicious dishes from international and Croatian cuisine

… as well as a great selection of meat and vegetarian dishes from international and Croatian cuisine.

Very special white wine in Croatian More Restaurant

Croatian white wine deserves a separate post, as its taste and diversity is out of this world.

Getting ready for a long trip in hotel's swimming pool

In the morning we were freshening ourselves up in the pool and went to discover this red roofed fairytale city.

Exploring amazing historical buildings in Dubrovnik

The history of Dubrovnik began in the 7th century, when near the Adriatic Sea shore on a small island, for its rocky southern coast called Laus (means ‘Rock’ in Greek), a town was founded. Since then, it has endured the antique influence, the dawn of Christianity, domination of the Byzantine Empire, and then the power of Venice and attacks of the Ottoman Empire...

Mighty Dubrovnik walls suffered after 1667 earthquake

In 1667 a ruining earthquake happened there. Most Dubrovnik buildings - palaces, monasteries and churches were destroyed.  The only untouched constructions were the mighty walls of the city, as well as Palazzo Sponza ( Sponza Palace) and the Rector's Palace façade. Gradually, the city was rebuilt according to the original drawings.

Lemon tree growing in Dubrovnik

Tangerines growing in Croatia

Bright kaleidoscope of Dubrovnik red roofs

The best place to admire the city views - the top of the powerful medieval walls that surround it. The entire route around their perimeter is about two kilometers.  I was walking for two hours, stopping now and then to photograph the kaleidoscope of red roofs.

Dubrovnik buildings covered by red roofs

Dubrovnik is a shooting venue for the famous American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik is also a shooting venue for the famous American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones. At the moment I am watching the fourth season of this movie, so it was much more interesting to dive into the city atmosphere, which has been perfectly conveyed in the series. And of course for the movie fans the city offers tours around all shooting sites, and local shops and vendors will amaze you with the abundance of this movie souvenirs.

Small island opposite Dubrovnik - Lokrum

Opposite of Dubrovnik there is a small and very green island of Lokrum. Game of Thrones also paid a visit to this island.

Peacocks roam throughout the Lokrum Island

Island of Lokrum is a botanical garden. Peacocks roam throughout the island. The film "Thrones" crew turned it into Quart, an oasis city, where Daenerys with Viserys were walking around.

Lokrum beautiful peacocks posing

Relax looking at Lokrums peacocks show

I will never cease admiring this beauty!

Ruins of an ancient Fort on Lokrum

Lokrums Fort from the inside

At Lokrums Fort on sunny day

On the island there are also ruins of an ancient Fort.

View of the old Dubrovnik Games of Thrones

And you will be enchanted with the fabulous views of the old Dubrovnik known as "King's Landing” for all Game of Thronesfans.

Beautiful memories after visiting Croatian Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a great place to feel history, real and fictitious.  Two days that we had here to walk around were far from being enough. So, I'll have to come back here again, because this city has conquered me!

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