A Long-Short Life Called ‘Summer’

Crazy fresh summer look of beautiful girl in Riga

A long-short life called ‘summer’ has started! The air is full with warmth, the city is storming with bright colors and at last people have begun smiling without any special reason. Summer is the most suitable season to throw out rules imposed by somebody, to stop analyzing all ‘pro’s and ‘contra’s. It is time to create and misbehave, to let yourself be what you want to be!

Girl in pink fluffy ballet skirt, sneakers, leather jacket, flippant hat and funny glasses
The top by Zara; the glasses by Woodstock Boutique

My June. I'm strolling through the city in my lush pink fluffy ballet skirt, favorite sneakers, leather jacket, flippant hat and funny glasses. Self-expression is an integral part of any creative person’s life. And let people look at you as the city mad girl. Much more important is one absolutely different thing – you are ultimately happy with yourself, and the summer is cheering: "You Go, Girl!”

Amazing lush colors of Happiness Boutique necklace
Jewelry by Happiness Boutique

Starting a new life, don't be afraid to experiment! In your private life, career or just with you clothing - be daring! When, if not now? And may your summer be filled with and become memorable due to the stunning developments, positive emotions, and lush colors.

Girl dancing on the street in New Balance sneakers
The sneakers by New Balance

With love
Your city mad girl


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