Pakruojis Manor: Feel Noble for a Weekend

Are you bored of traditional hotels? Would you like to stay somewhere special and live like a real European noble? We've got just the place: Pakruojis Manor in Lithuania.

Pakruojis Manor - the biggest manor in the Baltics

This manor was built at the beginning of the 19th century. It includes   34 buildings, a beautiful park with a river, and is  the biggest manor in the Baltics. For several centuries, the manor belonged to the famous Baron von Ropp and today, you can explore the castle, a barrel house, a bathhouse, a windmill and a watermill,  a brewery and a lot more. The best part is that almost all of these objects are in perfect working order and you can try them out for yourself.

Man in old style hat walking around the manor

Picture with a brown horse painted on it

A lot of people and horses meets each other in the battle

Conversation between man and woman dressed in 19th century clothes

Pakruojis Manor is a living museum, where you can feel the spirit of the 19th century and put yourself in the nobility's shoes for a while.

Man trying new style - authentic hat

 Guests can dive into the noble life, put on authentic clothing and do a lot of interesting things.

A lot of livestock live in Pakruojis Manor

Kids will also love it here, as the Manor has really thought of everything – you can ride horses, ponies or bicycles, watch pig races, see a lot of livestock,

Drink home-made beer with the brewer in Parkuojis Manor

… drink home-made beer with the brewer,

An authentic camera ready to take old style picture in torture room

take an old style picture with an authentic camera from that time, see the torture room complete with torture devices,

Visit a perfumer to buy homemade shampoo or perfume

…visit a perfumer to buy homemade shampoo or perfume,

Manor blacksmith at work near the flame

…see a blacksmith at work,

A lot of different shape candles from beeswax

… pay a visit to a beekeeper and see how they make candles from beeswax, taste Lithuanian cuisine at Traktierius Restaurant, famous for its culinary heritage recipes, go sailing or fishing, enjoy a classical concert and much more.

Authentic interior with a lot of old style furniture

Red chairs of The Stadala Hotel which is designed in keeping with the 19th century theme of the Pakruojis Manor

You can stay overnight in The Stadala Hotel, a very cosy and homey hotel with 22 comfy rooms, designed in keeping with the 19th century theme of the Manor. And, at the end of an exhilarating day, I suggest you enjoy a massage in the Manor's spa.

Man walking around after exciting and unforgettable day at Pakruojis Manor

The impressive architecture, unique aura, spectacular halls, extraordinary panorama and special programme filled with fun and exciting activities is sure to make your stay at Pakruojis Manor an unforgettable one. 

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