5 Looks Inspired by the Gorgeous Corinthia Hotel in London

There are places that inspire; the Corinthia Hotel in London is one of them. One look at the luxurious interior of this 21st century grand palace, with high ceilings and a huge chandelier with sparkling cascades of crystals, and you can just picture yourself wearing a glamorous gown, your heels clicking elegantly on the marble floor. You want to look as beautiful as your surroundings, so I packed very carefully for my stay there.

Corinthia Hotel in London check-in

I got to the Corinthia Hotel early in the morning. Wearing a sophisticated jacket and trousers by the young and very talented fashion designer, Alise Alexandra, and sporty Geox trainers, I felt both comfortable and stylish.

Tina Lobondi silk dress in Corinthia Hotel London

But when I stepped into the marvellous hotel lobby, I immediately felt the urge to change my trainers into something more fabulous. I wanted to relax after my long trip so afternoon tea in the hotel garden seemed like a good option. I changed into a stunning Tina Lobondi silk dress and paired it with some chunky jewellery from her accessory line. I love her dresses for their classic and chic designs. The dress was so light and feminine and I felt amazing wearing it.

Delilah cosmetics in Corinthia Hotel London

For my day make up, I chose Delilah cosmetics, a true icon of British beauty. There were two products I quickly realised I couldn't live without. The first is the Ultimate Shine Moisturising Lip Gloss, which makes my lips look full and shiny and smells so tasty that you literally want to eat it! The other is Pure Touch Loose Powder which transforms my skin and feels impossibly light and smooth.

Alisealeksandra evening dress in Corinthia Hotel London

Corinthia Hotel London interior

After my afternoon tea, and one of the best two-hour massages I've ever had in the award winning Espa, I had this urge to celebrate life ‘here and now’. So I put on my favourite provocative mini-dress from Alise Aleksandre, paired it with classic Vince Camuto heels, and headed to Bassoon Bar where a glass of champagne was exactly what I needed before dinner.

Fashion style by Alise Aleksandra in Corinthia Hotel

Rodial cosmetics in Corinthia Hotel London

But the best part of the day was still to come - dinner with him at the glorious Northall Restaurant. I needed to look amazing for that occasion. So asked my favourite make up artist Alexia Serghiou to help me. I also used a couple of little “secrets” from my favourite British brand... Rodial is famous for its innovative, fast-acting and highly-effective skincare. A drop of Stemcell Super-Food Facial Oil works miracles. This lightweight facial oil makes my skin radiate with a healthy glow within seconds. I decided to go for a sultry look so I chose Rodial smoky eye pencil with Eye Sculpt, which is always in my bag. It helps create everything I want: from a natural enhancement to a deeper sculpted frame, it easily transforms my look from day to night. It’s perfect for my eyes and I also use it on my eyebrows. It’s unbelievable how many good things this little jar can do .

Alise Aleksandra elegant dress in Corinthia Hotel London

Choosing a dress that would suit the occasion was the most complicated task. My first choice was an elegant yet sexy Alise Aleksandra dress with an open back and beautiful veil. It immediately turns every girl into a goddess.

Tina Lobondi latest collection in Corinthia Hotel London

Then I changed my mind and decided to go for a long dress with a train from Tina Lobondi's latest collection. This designer is often a fashion sponsor at music and movie awards, so she knows how to create dresses which can be worn with pride on a red carpet. This was THE dress: luminous silk, delicately accentuating every curve and showing off my back and my legs. I think I got more admiring looks that evening than in the rest of my life. But, of course, the most important looks were from him

Fashion shoot in Corinthia Hotel London


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