Cape Panwa Hotel: Escape to Tropical Serenity

The end of the road. This is how easy it is to find The Cape Panwa Hotel. It's located on the furthest, most southeast point of the island in one of the most tranquil areas in Phuket. Nestled among the coconut groves and tropical gardens the hotel offers complete relaxation for its guests. It has two unique things: a 300m long private beach (that is very rare for hotels in Thailand); and it’s the only hotel I’ve ever known which has its own … tram!

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Tropical paradise in Phuket

The place is so picturesque that you'll fall in love immediately. This happened to the owner of the hotel. He missed his flight from Phuket and came to this place purely by chance some years ago. He fell in love with this coconut plantation and decided to build a hotel here which would blend into the tropical paradise and wouldn’t spoil its serenity.

The coconut plantation and mango grooves in Phuket

The coconut plantation and mango grooves are still here, giving shade to luxurious villas and to the sun-beds on the beach. Cape Panwa Hotel was the first hotel in the area, and although nowadays it got some neighbours, it’s still not a very touristy area.

Vintage hotel tram in Cape Panwa hotel

The hotel is located on the hill, so for the convenience of its guests it offers a vintage hotel tram going from the beach up to the reception.

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Sea facing suites and pool villas are tastefully decorated and very spacious, and features everything needed for a relaxing and comfortable stay. 

Cape Absolute Suite in Cape Panwa hotel in Phuket

The hotel has provided the site for numerous documentaries as well as major film shoots. Cape Panwa boasts of an impressive list of famous guests including Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Elizabeth Taylor (who stayed in the Cape Absolute Suite); a sprawling two floor penthouse with awe-inspiring 360 degree views over the magnificent Andaman Sea from every angle and a full-sized infinity pool.

Sun set from Cape Panwa hotels room

Cape Panwa hotel in Phuket

We especially loved spending our evenings on the huge seafront balcony with sun-beds and a Jacuzzi. Lying in bubbles with a glass of champagne watching the sun set is something words can’t describe.

Panwa House restaurant in Cape Panwa hotel

Our favourite restaurant for dinners became Panwa House restaurant. This place is set in a beautiful Sino-Portuguese mansion that is also a museum nowadays. It's right beside the beach, so it offers up front-row views of the Andaman Sea. When it comes to the menu, you can expect a good selection of Thai specialties. We definitely suggest you come here for Thai nights when amazing dishes are companied by traditional Thai performances.

Pier at Cape Panwa hotel

For a day trip I would suggest you take the hotel jetty from a hotel pier and experience the beauty of Phuket and its surrounding islands: Coral island, Lone Island and many others, or rent a luxurious Panwa Princess yacht and go further to the dreamy islands of Phang-Nga, the white beaches of Krabi, the uninhabited islands of Trang and much more

Cape Panwa hotel from bird's eye view

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