Bardonecchia Ski Resort: ‘FIFTY SHADES OF WHITE’

This winter, the TripTemptation team were lucky enough to be invited to explore, and enjoy, the Bardonecchia Ski Resort; a cozy, and small, Italian town, located in the province of Turin in the western part of the Italian Alps. Its history began at the start of the 20th century, and since then it has become one of the most popular ski resorts in the whole Alpine region.

popular Italian sky resort

This small town is surrounded by mighty mountains (some of which exceed 3000m in height) yet it is still very accessible thanks to an astonishing road and tunnel system that goes straight to the resort itself. So don’t be afraid of scary mountain roads; getting to Bardonecchia couldn’t be easier.

Hotel in Bardonecchia Ski Resort

We received a very warm welcome and settled in to a charming 4-star hotel (Des Geney’s) that represents the real ‘mountain-style’ experience; a wooden house surrounded by snow and mountains. Once you open the window the Wham, ‘Last Christmas’ clip is the first thing that strikes your mind.

Winter Olympics 2006

Bardonecchia is a very small town. You can literally walk through it in 15 minutes or so. Nevertheless, it hosted the snowboarding events of the 2006 Winter Olympics; so we couldn’t wait to get up the mountains and try the slopes.

Bardonecchia ski areas

The Bardonecchia resort has two main skiing areas. Each one is very different and offers lots of different attractions; starting from beginners right up to professional skiers and snowboarders.

ski areas in Bardonecchia

The first area is called Colomion-Les Arnauds. It consists of three smaller skiing areas; Melezet, Les Arnauds and Colomion. They are all connected, and you can get up to Colomin and ski all the way to Melzet, or vice versa. The lifts will take you up to 2400 meters where you can choose dozens different ski tracks.

Colomion-Les Arnauds area in Italy

Some of the tracks are pretty easy and are suited for families. Others are more complex. But in general this part is more family and children friendly. It’s very safe and easy to navigate; even if you are a beginner.

snowboarding in Bardonecchia

Both snowboarders and skiers are welcome here.

Kids in Bardonecchia

And if you are lucky you can even meet different wild animals in the forest; right on the tracks. Don’t worry, the animals aren’t real but they do look amazing in the forest. Kids will love them (as well as their parents). But it was quite tricky to find them so don’t think that they will wait for you right by the ski lifts.

what to do at Bardonecchia

Keep searching and you’ll have a great opportunity to take a photo with a white bear in the Alps. Where else would you be able to do that?

ski areas in Italy

The second area, Jafferau, is located in the other part of the town. Our hotel offered us a free shuttle bus (even though you can get a regular bus from the town) as well. Jafferau is different from the first skiing area. It’s larger, higher and more complex; consisting mostly of red and black runs.

free ride in Italy

The highest point is 2800 meters. Here the skiing mainly consists of ‘open runs’ with astonishing views; real freedom! And the best part is that you can get from the very top to the bottom in one run.

Snowboarding in Italy

Even for experienced skiers it takes about 15 minutes to get all the way down. If you’re not in a hurry it can take up to 30 minutes to get down.

Best ski resorts in Italy

In total Bardonecchia resort has 23 ski lifts, more than 100km of runs, a ‘snowpark’, an Olympic half-pipe, bars and restaurants on the slopes; and much more.

Des Geney’s hotel

There’s nothing better than to return to the wonderful Des Geney’s hotel and have a juicy steak and glass of red wine for dinner after a whole day spent on the slopes.

Dinner at Des Geney’s hotel in Italy

This is definitely the best place to stay in Bardonecchia.

where to stay in  Bardonecchia

So we really enjoyed this wonderful resort and all of its charms. 

Night sky view ski resort Bardonecchia

We will definitely come here once more next year in order to experience our favourite tracks and slopes again.

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