Spring in a Multi-Coloured City

My spring started from a trip. Traveling is my main source of inspiration. I met sunny March in Prague: the city of red-tiled roofs, narrow streets, old bridges, castles and magical aura.

beautiful girl standing on bridge in windy Prague

Our friendly and big family went from Germany to the Czech Republic by car. When colorful houses started replacing fields and meadows, I immediately felt the atmosphere of comfort and warmth. By noon, we got to the Centre of Prague and the city embraced us ... by a traffic jam and happily said: "Yes, there is life!”

a lot of cars on Prague streets

beautiful majestic architecture of Prague

However, you can feel the city just sitting in the car. Incredibly beautiful majestic architecture, saturated with centuries and history, impresses to the full! It is a real paradise here for those who love exploring the city in the "looking up" style: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, Classicism and Art Nouveau. Everything is interwoven into a stunning bouquet, into a picture, which it is difficult to stop enjoying.

amazing buildings in the centre of Prague

sunny day on Wenceslas Square in the heart of Prague

Narodni Gallerie in the centre of Prague

We stayed at the Ambassador Hotel, which is located on Wenceslas Square in the very heart of the city. This is a comfortable hotel with a perfect Czech cuisine restaurant, but the main thing is that when you get out of the Hotel, you will immediately dive into the urban maelstrom.

crowded streets in the Centre of Prague

A special joy for shopaholics: the Centre of Prague is a big store throughout. All streets swarm with clothing stores of famous European brands, restaurants and pubs with some brand of Czech beer, and of course, with lots of souvenir shops.

beautiful girl reading book in Prague bookstore

a lot of memorable and impressive souvenirs in Prague

Prague is a perfect city for walking around. We were very lucky with the weather, so we got to all the sights by foot. The Old Town, Vysehrad, the Prague Castle: you will always find here something special for you, something memorable and impressive.

beautiful girl walking on Prague streets

exploring beautiful Prague streets

beautiful Adria Palace in Prague

beautiful view on Prague streets

I advise all as big fans of panoramic views as I am, to have a look from the Tower of the Town Hall and from the Bridge Tower of the Charles Bridge and visit the observation deck near the walls of the Prague Castle. And from everything that I will remember best, I’d specially mention the St. Vitus Cathedral - the world-famous Gothic church. You must see with your own eyes!

panoramic view of Prague

look from the Bridge Tower of the Charles Bridge

the world-famous Gothic church - St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague is undoubtedly a "delicious" city. Local food here is homemade and very nourishing. Restaurants serve ample dishes at friendly prices. 

delicious and colourful berries in Prague markets

Prague Old town streets with a lot of restaurants and shops

delicious food in the best restaurant of Prague

The city center is very lively. In fine weather, local people and tourists fill all the streets and restaurants. Here and there you will be offered a Segway tour or a tour guide. And already in the very beginning of spring the city comes alive. 

in the very beginning of spring Prague streets comes alive

old man drawing Prague beautiful view

interesting Prague architecture - sculpture of woman sitting on the ledge of wall

Fantastic, cozy, colorful, sensual and addictive – was Prague I saw. I hope I managed to let you all feel a part of my impressions of this wonderful city.

beautiful girl on sunny spring day in Prague


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