Discovering a Tropical Paradise Langkawi

Langkawi is located just 30 kilometers off the northwest coast of the Malay Peninsula. It is a beautiful archipelago of 104 islands, surrounded by the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea.  Some of the islands are inhabited, but some are just like bare rocks sitting in the sea during high tides. 

Beautifu view on paradise islands of Langkawi

On my trip I visited the largest of the islands by far, Pulau Langkawi. It felt like I had just arrived in paradise.

palm-fringed beaches with golden sands

The island is very beautiful; it is surrounded by palm-fringed beaches with purest golden sands and filled with fascinating rainforest-clad hills.

boats waiting for people in Langkawi
Evening lights in paradise

This place attracts visitors from all around the world for its beautiful nature, marine life, world-class tourism infrastructure and duty-free shopping.

Beautiful girl in Andaman hotel

There are many hotels and resorts on Langkawi, but The Andaman, Luxury Collection Resort, was my perfect place for a tropical hideaway. Tucked away in the northern part of the island, The Andaman is surrounded by breathtaking nature: lush rainforest, and several private beaches

Monkeys trio in Langkawi paradise

This is a place to contemplate life, and enjoy the rich wildlife of a tropical forest: lots of birds, lemurs, lizards and monkeys strolling through the resort; oblivious to the resort’s real residents. 

Beautiful girl in a white dress near the sea

The area surrounding the resort looks fantastic; it gives one the feeling of having a private piece of paradise.

Tropical paradise
Hiding in Langkawi jungle
Drinking cocktail in Langkawi bar

Anybody can find their own perfect place; whether you want to be exposed to the sun on the beach, or hide in the shadows of the jungle and cool down sipping a cocktail in a bar under a thatched hut.  

Relaxing spa in Malaysia
Relaxing massage in Malaysia

A small electric buggy took me from the hotel and up the hill to a luxurious spa that is built into a cliff. Here I was treated like true royalty; while enjoying stunning views of the forest and the sea. 

Girl sailing in Malaysia blue waters
Riding bicycle in Langkawi tropics

Langkawi also offers a wide range of activities and sports. It is possible to rent a sailing boat, or kayak, to travel around the island. Or maybe you’d like to go snorkeling, or diving, and plunge into the underwater world and see coral reefs. Or just hire a bike to explore the spectacular rainforest on your own.

Tropical village at the foothill of Machincang Mountain

At the foothill of Machincang Mountain lies a charming Oriental village. 

Wonderful view of Oriental village in Malaysia

It is an open-air shopping, and entertainment, complex built around marvelous lake; against the scenic mountain backdrop.

modern buildings in Oriental village

Oriental style architecture blends harmoniously into the landscape and creates a very cozy feeling.

Longest Sky Bridge in Malaysia

One of the must-visit attractions on Langkawi is a cable car. It has the longest suspension in the world between the stations and it has been built without constructing any roads through the jungle. During the 15 minute journey to the top of Mount Mat Chinchang, forested slopes, cliffs and waterfalls can be observed from a bird’s eye view.

Wonderful view from Mat Chinchang

At the Top Station visitors disembark near the Sky Bridge; one of the longest curved suspension bridges in the world. It swings out over the landscape to give an unforgettable experience to the visitors. Spectacular views over the islands, the sea and even the Thai mainland can be seen from here and the other panoramic observation platforms. 

Sky meets the sea - beautiful view from the longest curved suspension bridges in the world

Astonishing scenery, a chill breeze, the sounds of nature and a relaxing atmosphere: Time TRULY APPEARS TO stop here.

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