Cabo da Roca: TripTemptation Visited The Edge Of The World

Less than an hour from Lisbon there is a famous place: Cabo da Roca.... or the most westerly point in Europe. People who lived here (right up to the 14th century) believed it was the edge of the world. We could not miss it, and it turned out to be absolutely worth visiting.

challenging trail oacean Lisbon Cabo da Roca

A challenging trail 150 meters above the ocean.

Massive cliffs landscape Cabo da Roca Lisbon

Massive cliffs and a dramatic landscape. All of that makes the cape Cabo da Roca so wild and so beautiful.

photographers paradise view Cabo da Roca Lisbon

This enchanted place is very quiet and peaceful. Especially in winter. One can find here nothing.... just the light house, a small coffee shop and a gift shop. And of course unique nature.... the real paradise for photographers.

view girl Cabo da Roca Lisbon

The wind was so strong, that we could barely walk.

sign tile Cabo da Roca Lisbon

Usually tourists spend 20-30 minutes here. We have done all the trails and discovered the hidden corners of the most mysterious place in Europe. And for certain we recommend visiting it.

Cascais summer popular Cabo da Roca Lisbon

On the way to Cabo de Roca we stopped at a popular summer destination - Cascais.

fishing village resort Cabo da Roca Lisbon

A former fishing village... nowadays has transformed itself  into a modern resort.

view old town Cabo da Roca Lisbon

sunset Cascais Marina Cabo da Roca Lisbon

This place is especially picturesque at sunset. You can enjoy it at Cascais Marina or...

sunset Cascais old town Cabo da Roca Lisbon the Cascais Old Town with a glass of traditional Portugal Port wine.

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