My Paris: French Laughter, Delicious Croissants and Unforgettable Emotions

It was the most beautiful morning in my life. It was July. I was amidst the white city, saturated with bright rays of the Sun, with somehow very special French laughter, wafting from the neighboring house balcony, with wine and cheese at nine in the morning, with tunes from "Amelie" and a small, tender lump of happiness inside me ... Because my dream finally came true.

Beautiful Paris scene

Paris, Paris ... A city for lovers. A city of style and sophistication.  An actor-city. Here the streets look like in a movie, and anyone you meet plays his or her title role. A bold waiter, who won't write down your order in full; a long-legged beauty, whose dress suddenly shoots up with a gust of wind; an office clerk, ardently ingesting his baguette at lunch time. All of them seem to be just ordinary people – but you can’t cease admiring the ease of these Frenchmen lifestyle 

Girl in Paris

Exceptional food in Paris

In Paris I always wanted to eat: cheese and sweet croissants, pastas and burgers. And to drink wine, in the morning and in the evening. Approaching a cozy restaurant in Montmartre, I was praying to find a free table, because at night they are all noisy and delicious. You will be not alone: "I do eat after 18:00, I am on vacation!" Oh, by the way, we were staying in Montmartre, in an incredible French apartment with fireplace, piles of books everywhere, a low bed and a tiny shower, but with the main thing - the roof top. I swear I don't know if there could be anything more romantic than this combination at night:  a plaid, a glass of wine, Paris spread open in front of you and a little farther away the Eiffel Tower crowns the view! 1, 2, 3... and thousands of lights begin their dance around the Tower, and no spectacle in the world seems to be more admirable than this one. And then you will just fall asleep on the roof ... And the wind is so warm in summer ... And Paris… Paris...

Best place to see Paris

But the liveliest things in Paris are houses.  Everything here has its own mood and its own history: facades and doors, courtyards and windows. Looking aside from the overwhelming romanticism, without which it is impossible to describe this city, I have to say that the first visit to Paris for an urban fan, like me, was difficult.  I was eager to take pictures non-stop, on my every step, but at the same time  I did not want to stop walking, only forward - to see more and more! Every corner is unique, with its own color and mood. And if you're are a photo-maniac, then five days in Paris are absolutely not enough. About three months will be just right to meet and talk to the city of souls heart-to-heart.

Take a walk in Paris

The city is full of attractions, as well as of tourists. I think many people, who have been to Paris, especially in summer, will tell you wide-eyed: "Oh yes! Oh, those tourists!"  But I do not like and do not want to write about ‘dark sides’ of this city, because you can find some anytime and anywhere.  I will only write about joyful and light things and tell you about my most favorite place in Paris where from the very first minute I wanted to stay and live there. That is the Jardin du Luxembourg. Whether you are a tourist or a local person, as soon as you get to this magical place, the whole world will become quieter, slower and light-hearted.  There is a chair waiting for you everywhere, and if you're lucky, with a footrest.  

Best place to take photos in Paris

Take a rest in Paris

"Sit down and have a rest!"- Your chair will tell you and you will obey. You can wander through the Park, with its freshness and shade and an unexpected performance by some choir. You can lie down near the fountain in the bright sunshine and watch the toy ships regatta... And at last, you can take your camera and shoot, shoot, shoot - because, damn, how beautiful it is here, what flowers and colors, and palm trees, and the sky! The beauty and atmosphere of the place is absolutely incredible, and a number 1 for me!

Noterdam photo in Paris

When your feet are "falling off" and you are not able even to talk, you can fall down in your bed in your French "nest", open all the windows and listen. The life has ensconced itself on the balconies of Paris - it smokes slim cigarettes, eats and drinks, laughs loudly discussing something very stormy. And it will seem that this French life has no worries, just pleasure! And you will keep luxuriating in your bed, imagining all these French windows and balconies and you will try to guess neighbors’ voices: who's just laughed there as how they look, and how long have they lived in Paris?.. And then you will fall asleep to wake up at seven in the morning to the bright light and will run again towards the unforgettable emotions.

bicycles in Paris

Find your love in Paris

"So how did you like Paris?" – Many people kept asking me on my return home. And only some of them seemed to understand the feelings I was trying to convey. You can’t just like or dislike Paris, you will have to feel it, to let it fill you and fall in love.

I did fall in love, really, like the French do.

See you soon, my Paris!

With love

Your A.T. 
A Parisian

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