Mermaid'ing on Boracay Island

While travelling around the Philippines I discovered a new way of having fun in the water: it's called 'mermaid'ing. Blurring the line between dream and reality, a quick escape from everyday routine is sometimes just what one  needs. So I took my first lesson in mermaid'ing: and I must say that Ive enjoyed it lots!

Jana Ultra - beautiful mermaid

This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Swimming with a tail made from a stretch fabric that goes up to the waist, and has a monofin, is easy, natural and fun. It's also great exercise too. Especially as you use the whole body, and particularly your core muscles, in order to swim forward.

Find a beautiful mermaid

It becomes especially fun when swimming near the shore and you show your tail to all the tourists walking along the beach. They usually look twice. Their first look is completely normal. Then they turn their head and quickly look again with eyes full of surprise and sometimes even horror.

mermaid tale

Although mermaid'ing has been around for years, these guys on Boracay went further and opened the first official mermaid'ing school. It has instructional courses and classes for kids and adults.

Swimming mermaid

So my prince has found his mermaid. But he was happy to have me back standing on my two legs again.

Rent mermaid swimming suit

When mermaid'ing one swims like a fish using both legs as a fish tail, and using your core muscles to propel you forward, with variations to the hand placement and movements. For children it seems like second nature. Watching them move gracefully through the water one can’t help but be amazed and really see that it was totally feasible that humans did actually originate from underwater creatures. 

Mermaid wallpaper photo

Now I have a new travel dream: I want to buy a tail to swim around the reefs and make amazing underwater videos with my GoPro camera.

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