How to Make a Perfect Marriage Proposal in Paris in the Most Amazing Way

For already 9 years a romantic Frenchman Nicolas Garreau has been helping clients of his ApoteoSurprise Agency to propose in Paris. Over these years more than 1,000 couples said the precious words «I love you!» to each other, having parted for that with hundreds and thousands Euros.

Paris Eiffel Tower Proposal France

The idea to open the Agency came to Nicolas almost 10 years ago. Then he used to work as an engineer for the Formula 1 Company. But the world of feelings appeared to be stronger than the world of technology, and after several years of studies and analyses Nicholas opened the world's first specialized agency for lovers. And that was not a mistake - among the 3 million couples that annually come to Paris for a romantic purpose, there are is a nice lot of his clients.

France Paris Romantic Frenchman Nicolas Garreau

"When I was a teenager I was lucky to live four years in Venice. Every day I saw couples kissing in a gondola. I've always dreamed of doing exciting things for women! This desire has transferred from my private life into business. Today I am proud to say that I can give a man an opportunity to impress his beloved in the most incredible way!

According to statistics, 80% of women were disappointed with how they were proposed. I am helping to improve the situation! I love my business and I am happy that people fly thousands of miles to express their feelings in Paris. And with a great pleasure I help them to propose like in Hollywood movies" - Nicholas said.

Paris Eiffel Tower Proposal Nicolas Garreau

The Agency's services are usually used just one time. But, in fact, there are regular customers. For example, there is a man who tried all our 30 scenarios for lovers during 9 years. Nicolas laughs: "Don’t think anything wrong - he always orders them for the same woman!"

France Paris Romantic Coach Proposal Nicolas Garreau

Often among Nicolas’ clients there are stars and politicians. In this case, the scenario is to be explained in advance to their security guards.

"I do it most carefully, if the “Knightly Saga” scenario (9990 EUR) has been ordered, when the lovers get into a real medieval movie. I don't want the security guard to shoot my brave knights!" - laughs Nicolas.

Talking about customers’ nationalities, he notes that his services are popular both among Europeans and Americans. But some of the most generous customers, of course, are from Russia. The Russians often choose romantic packages priced 10,000 Euros and more.

France Paris Romantic Roses Proposal Nicolas Garreau

Despite his romantic business, Nicholas is not married yet.

"When I finally decide to get married, for my proposal I’ll definitely choose the scenario “Say I love you while showered by 1,000 roses” (5490 Euros!). Just imagine: you are on a VIP dinner-cruise along the Seine River on a private yacht, and suddenly the boat stops at beautiful Pont des Arts, the famous bridge where there are padlocks everywhere. A few roses fall from the Pont des Arts, and in a few minutes, 1,000 red roses fully cover the yacht! The main thing for the man is not to miss the moment and timely fall on one knee! Sure, there is no woman who can resist such a proposal of marriage!" - laughs Nicolas.

France Paris Romantic Clouds Plane Nicolas Garreau

Of course, 90% of Nicolas’ clients are men. But sometimes there come orders from women. They are always romantic and touching. So, for example, recently one lady used the scenario "Say I love you in the clouds”, to tell her lover, using a message on the wing of a plane, that she was expecting his baby.

The cheapest Nicolas’ scenario”Make a declaration of love with the help of a magician" is "only" €290. For this sum of money, there will be a knock on your hotel room door, as if it is a wrong room, you will be shown some romantic magic tricks and then your better half will receive your beautiful proposal.

France Paris Romantic Air show Plane Nicolas Garreau

The most expensive scenario - "Say I love you with an air show” will cost you 15,900EUR. This scenario assumes a limousine that will take you to a gorgeous restaurant in the suburbs of Paris. While you enjoy your lunch, deserving all Michelin-stars, there will appear planes in the sky that will demonstrate an absolutely exciting air show meant specially for you, and at the end of the performance they will draw a huge white heart in the sky - for your better half!

Nicolas’ best-seller is the scenario “Say I love you in a limousine.” It will cost you 490 Euro. For your money you will be offered an hour long tour around Paris in a posh limo and at the end during a short stop your personalized proposal will appear on the giant ultra-light screen near the sparkling with millions of lights Eiffel Tower.

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