Lisbon: Beautiful Hills, A Rich History And Colourful Trams

The capital of Portugal is an ideal place for a winter vacation. The climate is perfect in which to travel around. So we enjoyed this beautiful city without the usual crowds of tourists.

Beautiful Lisbon city view Tagus river

According to legend, Lisbon is one of the cities that is set on seven hills; the same as Rome, or Moscow. We spent a couple of days walking up and down and we felt like there are at least twice as many hills as there actually is! So, first a tip for the ladies; don’t wear heels in Lisbon.

Fortress Lisbon Tagus river

Lisbon is located at the point where the river Tagus flows into the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer you can combine your city break with a beach holiday, but at the 'chill' time of the year you can enjoy a tranquil and romantic time by the ocean.

picturesque Lisbon cobblestone street

Lisbon is picturesque at any time of the year: narrow cobblestones street, unique atmosphere, magnificent palaces, churches and a gorgeous castle with the best viewpoint in the city.

Lisbon symbol yellow tram Elevador da Bica

The symbol of Lisbon is the yellow tram. To make life easier for the locals in the city, they are running three funicular services, and one elevator. For the best views you should take funicular Elevador da Bica.

Lisbon red tram street

We found so many different trams in Lisbon. So without any doubt we can call this city 'The City of Trams'.

Lisbon pink Christmas tram street

All of them are colourful and unique.

They have even special Christmas tram in winter

Lisbon 28 route yellow tram discover city

Route number 28. An ideal way to discover the city if you don’t have a lot of time... or you are just very tired.

Lisbon Elevador de Santa Justa Saint Jorge Castle

One more unique construction in Lisbon is the Elevador de Santa Justa. Street lift which connecting two parts of the city. This platform was built in 1902 by the student of Gustav Eiffel and provides amazing views of the Saint Jorge Castle.

Ordinary life drying clothes Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. Its history started about 3000 years ago.

Alfama quarter Lisbon

The Alfama is the city's oldest quarter to remain after the great earthquake in 1755.

Alfama Lisbon folk music Fado

If you visit Lisbon, it’s a must to listen to traditional folk music, Fado. It is very melancholic and sad. But very romantic and lyrical. The best places for Fado you can find in Alfama.

Oldest bookshop Lisbon Guinness World records

The oldest book shop in Lisbon, and all over the world, according to Guinness World records.

Find Commerce Square in Lisbon

The magnificent Commerce Square in the day…

The magnificent Commerce Square night

… and at night. The square was constructed in 1755 after the great earthquake… in the ruins of Royal palace.

Salazar Bridge Lisbon brother Golden Gate

The youngest brother of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The Salazar Bridge, on the 25th of April (the day of revolution in 1974), is even painted in the same colour and is one of the biggest suspension bridges in Europe.

The Tower of Belem Lisbon’s harbour Unesco

Highly recommended sightseeing is just 15 minutes away from city centre: The Tower of Belem. This great construction was built in the 16th century to defend Lisbon’s harbour.

View Tower of Belem Lisbon’s harbour Unesco
Near Tower of Belem Lisbon’s harbour Unesco

Now the Tower is in on the Unesco World Heritage list. It’s a must see attraction. Like London’s Big Ben... or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Jeronimo's Monastery Lisbon Unesco
Entrance Jeronimo's Monastery Lisbon Unesco

One more Unesco-listed attraction is Jeronimo's Monastery. It was built in the 16th century in honour of Vasco da Gama who discovered the sea route to India.

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