A Walk of Art and Beauty in Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredibly beautiful city by the sea with rich culture and stunning architecture. It’s a great warm and sunny escape from the European winter. Especially as the temperature very rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius. So it was on one of these sunny days that I got here for a weekend. I had a beautiful guide Anastacia with me, so we went for a long photography trek which I invite you to join us on now.

Spend a Christmas in Barcelona
Christmas tree in Barcelona

I must tell you that early winter in Barcelona is quite special and well worth seeing. The streets are all decorated in Christmas lights and decorations and cheerful people are all around you.

Barcelona palace photo

Barcelona attracts over one million visitors every week. There is absolutely no chance of avoiding crowded streets in Barcelona so let’s just try to enjoy it along with fascinating places this city has to offer. One of the most famous places is the National Art Museum of Catalonia with its amazing singing fountain.

Venetian Towers in Barcelona

In front of it stand two Venetian Towers. For me they look very similar to the ones in the Piazza San Marco that stand in the very centre of Venice at St. Mark's Square.

National Art Museum of Catalonia wallpaper

However, the best part begins at night. This is when the magic fountain of Montjuïc's comes to life. Its first performance was in 1929. And since then it has been making people speechless with its spectacular display of colour, light, motion, music and water acrobatics.

Fountains in Barcelona
Venetian Towers from above

This is probably the busiest place in the city. There you can find busy streets even in the middle of the night. But I will tell you a secret for those who don't appreciate being surrounded by thousands of people: there are plenty places where you can admire the city from above. We didn’t have to walk far in order to find a good spot to admire the National Art Museum of Catalonia from a distance.

Busy night streets of Barcelona
Street art in Barcelona

Barcelona is also famous for its unique street art. Once in a while, just walking along in the city, you can find interesting graffiti the size of a whole building... or various huge monuments.

Modern art in Barcelona
Gaudi architecture in Barcelona

If you have limited time then you must explore at least one certain building in Barcelona very closely: La Sagrada Família. It’s the most visited attraction in Spain, and the most amazing of course.

Sagrada Família in Barcelona

It's interesting that it took around 200 years to construct and build La Sagrada Familia. For comparison it took only 20 years to build the great Pyramids in Egypt.

Beautiful girl in Barcelona

Luckily I had the best, and most positive, guide Anastasicia so for me it was much easier to enjoy and understand the city. I don’t think I would have seen all the places I had done if I'd been on my own.

Gaudi Park in Barcelona

Park Guell is yet another place that I’m really grateful that she took me too. It’s a very interesting park where Gaudi's passion for natural forms really took flight; you really can’t tell the difference here between natural and artificial forms and shapes.

Artificial beach in Barcelona

Another place that I really liked is the city beach. I wouldn’t have imagined that there could be such a huge beach right by the city centre. But did you know that there were no beaches in Barcelona until 1992? It was only getting ready for the Olympic Games, when they decided to clean the sea line and create artificial beach.

Facts about La Rambla street

As the evening comes there’s nothing better than to take a stroll down the main avenue Las Ramblas. It starts at the statue of Christopher Columbus and goes 2km all the way down to the city centre. More than 150 000 people take a walk down this street every single day. Not many of them realise that Las Ramblas is divided into five separate avenues that all flow into each other... so it seems like it’s just one.

View on Barcelona from above

So here we are in Barcelona. Now we know why this city attracts millions of tourists all year round. And I’m pretty sure I will be coming back very soon.

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