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Andorra: a beautiful minicountry in the middle of the eastern Pyrenees; right between the French and Spanish borders. The closest airport is located 230km away in Barcelona; so it’s not the easiest place to get to. But I can say that without a doubt it is really worth it. Especially in winter, when you can enjoy some amazing scenery, with dramatic views of the Pyrenees from slopes, skiing, snowboarding or just walking along Andorra's beautiful and elegant streets.... full of Christmas lights.

Andorra La Vella city
Andorra wheel of brisbane

Andorra is not the most obvious place for people to visit: because of its location. You can't fly there, so you either have to drive through French mountains; or you need to fly to Barcelona first, then drive 250 km to get to one's destination. Either way, getting there is a little more complicated than one might imagine but once you are there you are just amazed by its beauty.

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Small towns in Andorra

The country itself is only 35km wide; so you need less than an hour to drive all the way through it. On your way you will see lots of small villages. The capital is Andorraa La Vella - the only town in Andora small enough to walk right through in only 15 minutes. This place is totally different from any other busy European capital.

Night view of Andorra
Spend a Christmas in Andorra

The country is spectacular at daytime; but it gets even better at night. Especially now, when the city is full of Christmas lights and decorations.

New years eve in Andorra
Buildings in Andorra

Andorra is not only a great skiing destination, but it's also an amazing place for shoppers. This tiny country has over 2000 shops. That's more than one for every 40 of its inhabitants.

SPA center in Andorra
Mountain road in Andorra

The country is something of a mix of ancient stone buildings and modern art; but surprisingly everything fits. This modern glass building on the picture is Caldea. It's Andorra's main spa centre where you can enjoy the world's best spa treatments. So yet another reason to visit Andorra would be the spas. At an altitude of over 1,000 metres (with pioneering wellness centres and spa accommodation) Andorra is just the place to do this.

Snowboarding in Andorra
Ski resort in Andorra

I hadn't planned to go snowboarding, as we came to Andorra just for one day, but I definitely wanted to experience the resorts which offer by far the best skiing in the Pyrenees on more than 300 km of slopes. In the last few years, Andorra skiing resorts (like Cannillo & Soldeu..... as well as others) have invested over €50 million in its restaurants, gondolas and infrastructure. To get there you must cross some mountains. Personally I would recommend skipping the tunnel and going by the mountain road. The roads in Andorra are among the best I’ve ever seen.... and the views while driving are simply amazing.

Beautiful nature in Andorra
Skiing in Al Pas de La Casa

Unfortunately nature is completely unpredictable, and the weather can change completely in just a few hours.

Go snowboarding to Andorra
Andorra nature

I think every person in Andorra knows how to ski or snowboard: I wished I'd had my equipment with me. Next time I’m here I’ll be totally prepared for some snowboarding action.

Andorra beautiful photos
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Andorra is an amazing place. You won't need more than two days to fully explore this country... but they would be two days you would never forget. Of course, to make most of your trip I would suggest combining them with mountain biking, hiking, riding in dog sledges, staying at igloo hotels... and of course skiing.

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