Truly The Best ‘Afternoon Tea’ in London

If you want to experience the best ‘Afternoon Tea’ ceremony in London, one need look no further than the historic Landmark London. The Hotel will provide you with the best ‘Afternoon Tea’ you could possibly imagine.

Origins of the afternoon tea in London

The whole ritual of ‘Afternoon Tea’ goes way back to the early 1800s to a girl named Anna. She was the 7th Duchess of Bedford. At the time it was common to have only two meals a day: a breakfast first thing in the morning, and a dinner late in the evening. So she decided to schedule some time to take tea and a snack each afternoon. Eventually this private ceremony became a public ritual and gained huge popularity all over Great Britain.

Afternoong tea in a Landmark hotel in London

So welcome to the Landmark London with its own ‘Afternoon Tea’ - one of the most awarded tea ceremonies in London. And here we were - eager to find out why for ourselves.

Stunning landmark hotel in London

The interior of the hotel looks fabulous. The ceremony is held in the hotel's focal point – the luxurious and unique central atrium, The Winter Garden, with a soaring glass roof over eight stories high.

Choosing tea at tea ceremony

There are about 15 freshly-brewed leaf and herbal teas available. Luckily the staff are at their best, and keen to help you choose the exact tea that would suit you best that day.

Serving deserts at tea ceremony

The ceremony starts with sandwiches (replenished as often as required) and a glass of champagne after which you can order one’s tea with some delicious dessert snacks. There are about 15 different teas, but our favourites were both special blends - the Landmark Blend (which is a black tea with vanilla tones and which goes well with milk), and a wonderful Rooibos tea.

Wonderful afternoon tea dessert

The Landmark London has traditional ‘Afternoon Tea’ and chocolate ‘Afternoon Tea’ options: so we have chosen both. The desserts are beyond compare. Mouthwatering English chocolate crème, Financier Elderflower and classical macaroon topped with a floral décor. Desserts that will make one’s evening unforgettable.

Afternon tea flavor

Combine all this with a fresh newspaper, an amazing atmosphere and of course the wonderful flavour of freshly made tea and you start to understand why English ‘Afternoon Tea’ ceremonies are so popular… and most importantly – they’re why this hotel has gained so many "Best Afternoon Tea" awards.

Award winning tea ceremony in London

Even though the TripTemptation team has visited many different hotels, locations and restaurants, all over the world, if you ask me or my colleague, Alina, we would have to say (without a doubt) that these were the best teas we have ever tried.

English style afternoon tea in London

This relaxing ‘Afternoon Tea’ ceremony will definitely make you lose all sense of time. Almost two and a half hours passed since we started our English tea journey and we still had no intention to leave.

Find the best afternoon tea ceremony in London

If you wish to travel back in time and feel the real spirit of one of Britain’s finest traditions; The Landmark London and its Winter Garden’s award-winning ‘Afternoon Tea’ is the perfect way to spend one’s afternoon. It truly deserves the status of being the best place to present one of London’s finest ‘Afternoon Tea’ ceremonies.

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