Discovering Lithuanian SPA

If you are looking for an enjoyable and relaxing SPA vacation, search no further. There it is – the beautiful Baltic Sea coastline with long sand beaches, mineral springs, wonderful pine forests and small towns like Palanga and Druskininkai with a hundreds-year-old SPA culture – all in a small East European country, Lithuania. You can get everything mentioned above for much lower prices than in any West European country.

Beautiful Druskaninkai

Usually people find here much more than they have expected. So did I. I was absolutely amazed by the level of service at Lithuanian SPA resorts with their rich history and superb ecology in the background.

Druskaninkai was our first stop - a small town located in the South-East of the country surrounded by large pine forests and famous for its mineral water springs. The resort is a home for hundreds of SPA hotels – from huge complexes with a great number of procedures and treatments to small and cozy boutique hotels.

bonus to your SPA treatment

If you come in autumn, you will receive a free bonus to your SPA treatment - a complete tranquility and peace – because the narrow streets and promenades are almost empty. You will feel like eating - these cute and cozy places and restaurants are all for your choice.

Top restaurants in Lithuania

I must admit that restaurants in Druskaninkai are of a very good level. This orange cake I was served at the Regina Hotel restaurant was one of the best I’ve ever tried.

Snow Arena in Druskaninkai

The town is famous not only for its SPA, but also for one of the biggest aqua park in Europe and the Snow Arena – a place where you can enjoy the thrill of 460 meters high skiing slopes all year round.

Eglės Sanatorium

If you are keen on Medial SPA, you will like the Eglės Sanatorium. It is a rehabilitation centre with mineral water and mud health care facilities, therapeutic and diagnostic premises and a mineral water pump-room.

Beautiful SPA in Druskaninkai

Its long tradition of therapy and more than 100 different SPA treatments will make you feel new and rejuvenated just after a few days spent here.

Long walks in Egle SPA

Egles is a kind of a separate health town, surrounded with pine forests. Longs walks here are as healing as SPA treatments.

SPA complex with mineral water

After massages, black and white mud, kinesitherapeutic, physiotherapeutic and psychotherapeutic treatments you can relax at the SPA complex with mineral water swimming pools and different saunas, including salt sauna, wet sauna, Roman bath etc.

natural treatments SPA

An effective combination of natural treatments such as mineral water and therapeutic mud together with modern technology makes Egles a very special place for rest and rejuvenation.

SPA Vilnius Druskininkai

SPA VILNIUS was our next stop: this medical and wellness SPA, located in a quiet green area, offers health-resort procedures with mineral water and mud treatment.

SPA centres in Lithuania

The SPA VILNIUS is one of the biggest and probably the best equipped wellness and mineral water SPA centres in Lithuania. The chain of these hotels in Lithuania got the Best SPA In East Europe Award.

ESPA in Vilnius

Everything is of a high class here, including the cosmetics they use – ESPA.

Cozy and comfy SPA interiors

Cozy and comfy interiors are a part of relaxation and rejuvenation here.

natural, ecological and mainly local products.

The food in the restaurants of the hotel is just outstanding. It’s both delicious and made from natural, ecological and mainly local products.

Visit SPA in Lithuania ESPA

The pride of the SPA and the joy for their guests is a healing mineral water spring. You can drink mineral water everywhere at the hotel and enjoy it in the 18 meters long mineral water swimming pool.

Scandinavian style SPA

Cozy hotel rooms feature an elegant and functional Scandinavian style with many natural interior materials.

best wellness treatments

Here at Vilnius SPA the experienced doctors will help you with your health and emotional concerns, recommend treatments, prescribe wellness programs according to your specific needs and supervise you during the stay. You can choose from more than 370 different kinds of wellness treatments for your health, beauty, relaxation and rest.

Top Lithuanian SPA

Drinking an herbal tea after an amazing and very relaxing day at this place I came to conclusion that Lithuanian SPA are fully capable to compete at a worldwide level. So welcome to Lithuania!

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