Monument Valley: Cowboy Land and Breathtaking Scenery

As a travel photographer I have a special passion for discovering picturesque sites. There is a place in the US that I was dreaming about for a long time - Monument Valley – one of most photographed landmarks in America. This sandy preserve located on the Arizona-Utah state line, bathing in magnificence of rich red hues, left me speechless. I couldn’t stop making pictures and stayed awake all night not to miss the sunrise.

where to stay at the Navajo Nation's Monument Valley Park

More Western movies have been shot at the Navajo Nation's Monument Valley Park than at any other site within the United States. There is something very special about this deserted part of the world and its sandstone rocks. Here you can feel the spirit of the Navajo Indian Nation and enjoy the views of the Four Corners Monument.

The valley in Arizona

The valley boasts sandstone masterpieces that tower at heights of 300 to 1,000 feet framed by scenic skies casting shadows that graciously form unusual scenery. The sun beams illuminate these graceful formations, providing a view that is simply out of this world.

book - the View Hotel

I do recommend you an overnight stay here. You can chose from two accomodations - the Goulding's Lodge or the hotel we stayed - the View Hotel, which needs to be booked well in advance. There you can sip your wine on a balcony admiring the Sun setting over the Mitten Buttes and much more.

Sunset at Monument Valley

I was so tired after the long trip that in the evening I took just one picture of the starry skies using 13 min exposure.

Sunrise at Monument Valley

But I was up at sunrise to capture this stunning beauty.

trip to Monument Valley
map of Monument Valley
how to get to Monument Valley

It’s an amazing place where time stands absolutely still..

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