Luxury Balmoral Hotel in the Very Heart of Paris

While visiting Paris I was lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous Balmoral Hotel, located in the very heart of this terrific city. Glorious surroundings and amazing French spirit of the Hotel makes it a perfect place for a special occasion - an anniversary celebration ora certain birthday party or a romantic getaway...

Balmoral hotel location in Paris

Set in a 19th century building with elegant wrought-iron balconies, the Hotel is in just a few minutes stroll from the world famous Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées. It makes it just a perfect place for your stay since all most popular Paris places are reachable by foot, including the Eifel Tower - the landmark of Paris, which is only within 10 minute walking distance.

Interior of the Balmoral hotel in Paris

I really loved the Hotel. It was very cozy and French. Small cute hallways, antique interior and beautiful paintings... All that makes you feel the real spirit of France. Just, as it used to be one hundred years ago.

Painting of Eifel Tower

There is a beautiful painting of the Eifel Tower in one of the halls. I must admit that the inside amenities match the outside beauty of the city.

Balmoral hotel in Paris

Every single millimeter of the hotel has been perfectly thought through and decorated. I loved the design here - so modern and old-fashioned at the same time.

The rooms are very spacious which is quite unusual since many things in Paris tend to be pretty small and narrow. Not in here though. The Balmoral Hotel can provide you a huge bedroom where you can have a peaceful and comfortable sleep. The Hotel is located on a very quiet street that gives an additional value to it.

Rooms in Balmoral hotel in Paris

A beautiful living room...

Balmoral hotel bathrooms

... and a gorgeous bathroom.

Balmoral hotel number

All these rooms are connected to a huge balcony from which you can admire the small streets of Paris.

Breakfast in Balmoral hotel

The breakfast is rich and very delicious. It includes fresh pancakes, fruits, cheese and of course traditional croissants. Bon Appétit!

Best hotel in Paris

The weather was good so I could enjoy my breakfast sitting at the small open air terrace...

Balmoral hotel news

... reading my morning newspaper.

Balmoral hotel news

Thank you once again for a wonderful stay and for the real spirit of France sensation. I can definitely say that this boutique hotel is now among my favorite addresses in Paris.

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