Copacabana - the Beach with the Highest Density of Beautiful Bodies

I loved going to Copacabana Beach during our one week stay in Rio de Janeiro. It is often referred to as the world's most famous and beautiful beach, so each time I was admiring both its picturesque landscape and the density of beautiful people that goes beyond all imaginable borders.

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old Copacabana Fort

It spreads for 3 miles in front of the residential area of Rio de Janeiro anchored by the famous 700 foot Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) that sits just off the coast and by the old Copacabana Fort.

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Copacabana Beach - once made famous by its nightclubs and casinos in the 1950s – nowadays is filled throughout up with luxury hotels, amazing restaurants and bars. So you can have lunch or dinner straight after having a swim.

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Copacabana is a very crowded beach. There is a very vibrant atmosphere here and people are vivid and fun-loving.

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Yes, I was thinking about… sport, looking at attractive guys.

sexy girls on the beach in Rio

And wondering what all these girls do to have such amazing bodies.

Brazilian bikini for the day at Copacabana Beach

I chose a little Brazilian bikini for the day at Copacabana Beach. Do you think it looks good?

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