Bali: Welcome to the Island of the Gods

The popular movie “Eat Pray Love” released four years ago made the best possible advertising for this splendid island. Crowds of people flew over to Bali to see for themselves the forest where Julia Roberts was cycling or to find her spiritual guru Ketut.

But after visiting Bali I have to say that its real beauty is even more vivid and bright than in that amazing movie. There is crazy and unique blend of culture, religion and nature. Bali has it all: volcanoes, surfing, ancient temples, rice fields, coffee plantations, beaches, luxury hotels and even... magic mushrooms. Locals call Bali “the island of the gods”.

And – yes – it really is as alluring as everyone says.

Uluwaty Temple cliff Bali

From the first day we arrived on the island, we felt how special it was. Our Balinese guide took us out to Uluwaty Temple perched high above the Indian Ocean. The temple was built in the 11th century on a cliff 100 meters high. It’s one of the most stunning places in Bali to see the sun set.

Temples Bali

Every evening tourists can see the famous Kecak or Cak Dance. Imagine the dazzling atmosphere of the temple together with fifty men wearing only a loin-cloth chanting just two words – Ke-cak – like a magical conjuration. I felt goose bumps all over my body. A highly recommended experience!

Monkeys on Bali, wild nature Indonesia

Be careful of the monkeys around the temple. They’re not as nice as they look!

must-see place on Bali – Tanah Lot Temple

There is one more mysterious and must-see place on Bali – Tanah Lot Temple. It was built on a small rock just 50 meters from the shore.

Best places to visit on Bali

We were lucky – it was low tide and we could easily walk to the base of Tanah Lot. For a small donation we were blessed by local monks.

top things to do on Bali

Rice – a sign of blessing.

what to see in Bali

Every year about 8 million tourists visit Bali. Despite this, the island has managed to keep its unique style and atmosphere.

amazing temple on Bali
where to see temples in Bali
temples Bali what to visit

Bali is not only a beach destination. There are a great number of different temples in the suburbs and I recommend spending couple of days visiting at least the biggest of them.

villa at AYANA Resort and Spa Bali

Excursions are tiring (yes they are, always!). So for total relaxation afterwards I suggest you stay at the award-winning AYANA Resort and Spa Bali. It’s Balinese heaven located on a cliff-top perched above Jimbaran Bay.

Jimbaran beach Bali

The hotel is close to one of the best beaches on the island – Jimbaran beach. In the evening local restaurants lay the tables right on the sand. Here you can get an amazing experience savoring the very best seafood delicacies and listening to the ocean.

beautiful sunset on the beach

And as the sun sets (at Seminyak beach) you understand than tomorrow will be yet another amazing day. My journey through Bali will continue, and it would be nice to hear: What else do you want me to tell you about this magical island?

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