Top Things to Try, See and Visit in Amsterdam

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam for the first time - here is a top of things you should definitely try, visit or see there. Amsterdam is a city of history, freedom and ... sex.

Canals in Amsterdam

First thing you'll see, when you get to the center of Amsterdam, are canals and bicycles. They are literally everywhere. So just take a walk down these small cozy streets. The centre isn’t that large and it will take you not more than 30 minutes to walk across all of it.

Romantic bridges in Amsterdam

Definitely make a stop on one of its many bridges. Every single one is unique. There are 165 canals and 1281 bridges in Amsterdam. In comparison Venice has only 409 bridges.

Green parks in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very clean and nature friendly city with lots of parks and very low pollution level. So make sure to enjoy the spirit of the city by visiting one of its small parks. office in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also a hometown for many large IT companies like So don't be surprised if you suddenly see a familiar logo.

Best places to rest in Amsterdam

The city is very social and friendly. People read books, play chess or other mind games, ride their bikes and smile. A real European city, where you instantly will feel like home.

Cosy restaurant in Amsterdam

Make sure to visit one out of thousands of small street restaurants. Most of them have no more than 8 - 10 places to sit, very cute and cozy.

Amsterdam ice bar inside

One of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam is world popular Ice Bar. There is -14C degrees inside and all of it including walls, bar and even glasses, is made of ice. Don't worry about the temperature -  warm clothes they give you and drinks with vodka will keep you warm. 

Body Words exhibition in Amsterdam

Another place worth visiting is BODY WORLDS exhibition which highlights the happiness of a person. It tells everything about what makes us happy and how it affects our health. This was supposed to be a temporary event but it has gained such a positive feedback that they have decided to make it permanent.

The bulldog coffee shop in Amsterdam

One of the most popular things Amsterdam is famous for is that it is legal to smoke marihuana and other light drugs. And you can sense it the minute you step into the city. There are plenty of so called coffee shops everywhere. Even if you're not smoking kind of person it is still interesting to see these places.

Buy a space cake in Amsterdam

This is a Space Cake (a muffin with marihuana) that ensures you can get a very affordable flight to the Space. Be ready for some hours of fun after eating it. 

Visit Sex museum in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is all about sex. It's everywhere in the city, not being covered or hidden. Here is a shot from the Sex Museum. In fact, it is really worth visiting.

Sexy girls in Amsterdam

As it gets dark you can see more and more passion on the streets. There are sexy girls everywhere.

Red light district in Amsterdam

The famous Red Light District with hundreds of prostitutes in red-lit windows.Taking photos is strictly forbidden so you have to be careful with your camera.

Sexy girls on a red light district

Sexy girls in the Red Light District. Amsterdam is one of the few places on Earth where marihuana and prostitution are absolutely legal. 

Amsterdam sex shops items

It is much easier to find a sex shop than a grocery store here. They're literally on every corner so everyone will be able to find a toy that fits his fantasy.

Beautiful Amsterdam at night

A night walk along the narrow streets and canals can be even more interesting than at day time. The beauty of one of the oldest historic parts of the city is mixed with the beauty of naked bodies in the windows.  

After a walk around the Red Light District this sign might be a very tempting one... It's Amsterdam, baby. Enjoy it.

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