One Amazing Apartment in Rio

Spectacular mountains, beautiful white-sand beaches and the sexiest people in the world. That’s all about Rio. But today I want to show you my very special apartment in this tropical paradise, which made my trip even more unique and amazing.

Book a hotel in Brazil

We love staying in apartments or houses, not hotels, to feel the true spirit of the city. Also this time we used to find something special for me and my husband. This resource has never disappointed us, but this place in reality was exceeding our expectations!

Luxury rental room in Rio, Brasil

We were blown away by the view that hit us when we walked into this 230 m² square open-plan "airy" penthouse.

panoramic view of Brazil, Rio

The most wonderful thing about this penthouse – except for the bedroom, it doesn’t have walls, only columns, so you can enjoy the view and feel the tropical spirit of the city and its enormous energy.

best restaurants in Rio de Janeiro
best restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

With such views from the terrace you just don’t want to go anywhere, so we mostly stayed here with a glass of good wine.

Beautiful sunset in Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

From our terrace we could see Cristo Redentor atop Corcovado mountain. It gazes out over Rio from the 710 m height. The view of it at night, when brightly lit, is breathtaking.

Huge Jesus, god, statue in Rio de Janeiro

This 38 m high statue is visible from every part of the city, but as all first time tourists in Rio, we went up to see it in closer perspective, and I can say that I expected it to be bigger and more impressive.

View from Corcovado mountain in Brasil

I was more impressed by the view from the Corcovado mountain.

where to eat out in Rio

Sometimes we were leaving our amazing penthouse to have some food. This city is a paradise for big eaters. There are plenty of amazing restaurants, ethnically diverse cuisine and a rich choice of farm, forest and sea food. But our choice always went for Brazil's famous all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurants. Here at famous Marius the waiters were bringing us piping hot spits of freshly roasted meat (Minions, Ribai and Skirts) nonstop, until we were so full we couldn’t move. A local tip: don’t even try the starters if you want to enjoy all the selection of meat they will bring to your table!

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