10 Summer Looks Inspired by Riga

Latvia is well-known worldwide for its beauty. Riga is ranked first places for its beautiful and stylish girls in different tops made by online and offline media. Here I will tell you some secrets what we do in order to gain such worldwide popularity. My 10 summer looks represent it all – a personal style and a natural beauty combined with very feminine touch.

So, if you want to look like a Latvian girl, wear a make-up, make the most romantic hairdo and don’t forget - it’s all in the accessories. So wear a pair of stylish sunglasses (I do it even in winter) and don’t forget about the iconic handbag. Enjoy!

the most beautiful girl in Riga
Photo by Dasha Belova.
Olya Asmikovich photos
Photo by Sasch Fjodorov.
beautiful Olya Asmikovich on triptemptation
Photo by Sasch Fjodorov.
Riga fashion week girls
Photo by Sasch Fjodorov.
fashion stylist and blogger Olya Asmikovich
Fashion trends in Latvia, Riga
Photo by Sasch Fjodorov.
sexy girls in Riga, Latvia
fashion blogger Olya Asmikovich
sneakers Marant shoes best style
personal stylist Olya Asmikovich

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