My Bikini Addiction in Thai Style

How many bikinis do you take with you when you travel to tropical destinations? 1? 3? I take at least 10! It is because I never know, which I’ll be in the mood to wear, so my bag is full of little, colorful and sexy swim suits. So here I have decided to show you my selection of bikinis from my last trip to Thailand.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

While getting some suntan at my first day after arriving to Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit in Bangkok.

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At Koh Phangan Island, famous for its Full Moon Parties.

best islands in Thailand

At the most popular and beautiful beach on my favorite Samui Island Chaweng.

Super sexy swimming suite by the beach

The Infinity Pool in the Samui Paradise Park Farm Zoo.

Chaweng and Lamai beaches

At the Best Western Samui Bayview Resort located on a hill between Chaweng and Lamai Beaches.

best hotels Samui

Relaxing at the Lipa Bay Resort located at the very calm Lipa Noi Beach of Samui.

Thailand Similan Islands

The Similan Islands – the most beautiful islands of Thailand. Here I’ve chosen my most beautiful bikini.

Bikini girls in Thailand

At a small uninhabited island Nangyuan next to Koh Tao. My bikini is almost the same color as the crystal clear water of the Island.

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The Cheow Lan Lake in the national park Khao Sok where we stayed - in the middle of the jungle. At sunrise and sunsets the jungle became alive… I still remember its sounds of thousands of birds and insects.

Thailand best hotels

The Mai Khao Beach at Phuket is famous for its close location to the airport.

Karon Beach on the Phuket

Drinking fresh pineapple juice at the Karon Beach on Phuket.

Thailand best hotels and beaches

Looks like something has frightened me in the water, but I can assure you there are no sharks or crocodiles around Phuket.

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When I travel I become a better self than usually. Every time I travel I fall in love with myself. I love this refreshed, relaxed, curious and new me. I neither judge nor blame myself for doing nothing. I can just walk along the streets without any purpose and enjoy it. And as I don’t have to do anything, there are no MUSTS when I travel.

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