Why I Chose to Live in the UAE: 6 Reasons to Make Dubai My Home

The tallest building in the world, the highest location of a restaurant, the biggest shopping mall, the largest golden diamond ring – it is all now my home. Welcome to Dubai, the city that according to Sheikh Mohammed’s vision will become the most visited city of the world by the year 2030.

Go living in Dubai

As there is no big historical heritage or naturally very beautiful landscapes, the focus has been made on modern crazy ideas coupled with intense PR and advertising. So if you are keen on Guinness World Records, Dubai is the city to stay in.

Dubai has been my home for more than a year now, and I still go on admiring this city for the following:

1. You will see how to think big

Visit the tallest building Dubai - burj khalifa

I fell in love with Dubai from the first sight. From the taxi window I saw a lot of skyscrapers, the city filled with lights, wide streets with 7 car lanes full of luxury automobiles. By the way, the cars always shine as there is a fine to be paid for having a dirty car!

They have managed to build several huge development projects – constructed artificial iaslands on the water in the shape of a palm-tree(The Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali) and of the map of the world (The World Islands).

The Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, being aware of benefits of a mighty publicity of His city, gave directions to build the world’s tallest building in Downtown Dubai - Burj Khalifa - as  high as 829.8 m (2,722 ft). A visitor can go up to the 124th floor (452 meters high) and enjoy an absolutely mesmerizing view. Even the elevators are the fastest in the world – they will ride you 10 floors a second, thus taking as much time to bring you up to the 124 th  level as you would probably need to reach the 9th level of any regular building.

2. You can be adventurous

Adventures in Dubai desert

You can enjoy swimming with dolphins or skiing in the desert… 

Most luxury hotel in Dubai

...But a true adventure seeker should reserve a skydive over the Palm Island – and that was one of the most breathtaking experiences we with my boyfriend have ever had.

3. You can try a sheikh’s life-style 

Burj Dunai hotel

You can stay at Burj Al Arab, the world first 7 star super luxury hotel, opened for the millennium celebrations. It is an impressive architecture masterpiece, where you pay $150 just for a visit. An insider’s tip for those who are not staying at the hotel -  it will be a good idea to book the 5 o’clock tea. You will have the tea and cakes of your life and will experience the 7 star services.

4. You won’t stop wondering

Rent a luxury car in Dubai

Nothing is impossible here. 

Visit amazing Dubai garden

If you need a proof – visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. Nowadays it is the world's largest flower garden with more than 45 million flowers. One is expected to be speechless once seeing the most beautiful flowers in plethora of shapes in the middle of the desert.

5. You can go SHOPPING!

Dubai Shopping with the biggest aquarium in the world

There are no pedestrian streets in the city. Well, ok, there are 2 of those – JBR in Marina, which is a tourist promenade by the waterside with shops and cafes, and one in the Downtown around the famous Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard with a lot of restaurants.

So where do people walk? In the shopping centers. That is the most common place where to spend your time, and not only just shopping, but also visiting the amusement parks, the aquarium, the indoor ski resort,  the skating ring and many more attractions. Though the Dubai Mall is considered to be the largest shopping mall worldwide, the local Arabs don’t consider that this is enough - Dubai has just announced plans to build the world’s largest mall – Mall of the World - under a giant glass dome. It will become the emirate’s most ambitious project ever planned. This mega-project will include 100 hotels, wellness, cultural and theatre districts, and probably many more things to impress the world with.

6. You can enjoy the energy of the young city

Book the best hotel in Dubai

It is a mind blowing effort - to recognize that this megapolis has been built in the middle of the desert in just around 20 years’ time and today attracts everyone like a magnet. It inhabits more than 80% expat population, which makes Dubai the most progressive Arab State allowing visitors to enjoy their habits and to follow their usual lifestyle with almost no restrictions.

Edite Mellere living in Dubai

Furthermore, the majority of population is in their late 20ties and 30ties creating the feeling of a very young city. This dictates the demand for Dubai’s vibrant night life and plethora of restaurants that feature cuisines from different parts of the world. You will get not only outstanding food, but also a superb service and an amazing atmosphere almost everywhere you go in Dubai.

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