Milan Fashion Week: My Love for Fashion and Italy

Certified image designer - Maija Armaneva

I am a fashion stylist and a passionate shopper so Milan has always been a top destination for me! I know every turn and hidden local shops and cafes around, as I often go there for fashion shows, studies and to work with my clients. The experience of Milan is always enormous, so was it this time, when I went to MFW together with my friend, a fashion photographer and a beautiful girl Snezhana Malinovskaya.

Fashion stylist and personal shopper - Maija Armaneva

Milan is always crowded when it comes to the Fashion Week so if you are planning to go there during these dates be prepared to dive through traffic jams in the main shopping streets. But if you are a blogger or a street style photographer then there is no better time to go to Milan than during the Fashion Week!

Maija Armaneva - personal shopper in Milan

Go shopping with Maija Armaneva

Caught in the act! Me, taking pictures of Anna dello Russo, - I find her one of the most stylish and brave people in the fashion industry.

best personal shopper in Riga - Maija Armaneva
best personal shopper in Milan - Maija Armaneva
Best fashion stylist in Riga

Stylish guests of the MFW...

best image designer in Riga
Maija Armaneva contact information

After a few days in the Italian capital of fashion we felt very Italian, too.

Go to Milan with Maija Armaneva
Maija Armaneva profile page
Best shopping experience in Riga with Maija Armaneva
Best shopping experience in Milano with Maija Armaneva

Milan is so beautiful that any spot is good for spontaneous photo sessions.

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