5 Rules to Follow to Enjoy the Most of the Italian Fairy-tale City of Venice

For me Venice is not just a city, it’s an open-air art museum. I’ve never met a person in my life who wouldn’t be enchanted by its beauty. Now after having visited Venice for the third time, I would like to give you some rules you could follow to enjoy the most of it.

Rule I. Be very careful while deciding when to travel. If you don’t want to see an ultimately crowded city, travel to Venice in early spring or autumn and avoid coming in summer or during the Venetian Masquerade Fancy Dress Party (usually in February).

Rule II. Don’t go to Venice just for a day trip. Stay at least for one night to explore Venice at night.

Rule III. Meet the Sun rise at the San Marco Square. I know it’s early and you are on holiday, but believe me, it’s worth doing!

Rule IV. Just walk. With no special purpose. And Venice will open up for you its small and cozy inner gardens, lovely narrow streets and local restaurants.

Rule V. Don’t hurry, just follow your heart.

Are you ready to discover my Venice?

most memorable way to get to Venice

The most memorable way to get to the city is by train with the water view on both sides and all around. After crossing 222 arches and 2700 km long bridge that links Venice to the mainland, you arrive to Santa Lucia – previously a church and nowadays one of the busiest railway stations in Italy.

The Europe’s finest drawing room

The San Marco square. Napoleon called it “The Europe’s finest drawing room.” Just standing there you understand why the Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale has inspired so many poets and artists.

It has also a dark side. The Palazzo Ducale used to be a prison, where the most famous Venetian – Giacomo Casanova - was kept. And he was the only one, who managed to escape from his chamber.

How to get to San Marco
What to see in San Marco
Best restaurant in Venice

On the main Venetian square of San Marco you can find the oldest café called Florian. It was opened in… 1720! You can enjoy your coffee outside or inside – in the gorgeous atmosphere of a real Venetian house.

The Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs. The Bridge was built to connect the Court Hall to the old prison across the channel. The prisoners walking across the Bridge were making loud sighs as they knew it was their last chance to see the sunlight.

But recently smart Venetians created a more romantic legend about the Bridge that says if a couple kisses under the Bridge, they will enjoy the eternal love.

Santa Maria of Health

The Santa Maria Della Salute (Santa Maria of Health) is one of the largest churches in Venice and has the status of a minor basilica.

The Constitution Bridge

The Constitution Bridge is very unusual for Venice. It was built by a Spanish architect to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Italian Constitution and cost about 4.5 million euro. This is the first new city Bridge built in the last 70 years.

The most popular and majestic Rialto Bridge

The most popular and majestic Rialto Bridge was built in 16th century. Don’t forget to come here after sunset and to catch the Grand Canal lights.

View from the Rialto Bridge

View from the Rialto Bridge in the daytime…

View from the Rialto Bridge at night

… and after the sunset.

gondola slowly floating along

There's nothing more romantic than to take a ride for two in a gondola slowly floating along the beautiful Baroque and Renaissance buildings. Just a small tip – do it in the evening.

The Vivaldi House

The Vivaldi House. The great composer was born and created his masterpieces in Venice. You can see this house only from a gondola.

Murano and Burano

Take a motorboat to the genuinely unique islands nearby – Murano and Burano.

The Murano Island
The Murano Island

The Murano Island is famous for its glass-making.

The Burano Island

The Burano Island is famous for its lace and funny colorful houses.

local Burano-Pisano

The local Burano-Pisano tower.

Book a hotel in Venice
What to see and do in Venice
Luxury hotel in Venice

Don’t forget to explore Venice after the sunset; it becomes very quiet and relaxing after a busy day.

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