The 10 Most Romantic Places to Kiss Around the World

We have picked the most romantic locations around the world where you should go when you are in love. They are just destined for romance – for kissing, hugging or even answering „I do”.

Greece, Santorini, The Kastro Walls

Top places to visit in Santorini

Come to Santorini and head to the Oia town, which is famous for its imaginary sunset and take a table for two at one of its picturesque cafés. But make sure to be there very well in advance as the narrow streets get crowded towards the evening. The most popular place for watching the Sun to set is by the Kastro Walls.

France, Paris, The Eiffel Tower

Paris, The Eiffel Tower portrait view

The Eiffel Tower might be the most romantic site in the world. It is a perfect idea to enjoy the view of it from a gorgeous and elegant atmosphere of Plaza Athenee Hotel. Just make sure you book its Eiffel Suites. Both of you will never forget the pleasure of having dinner in the room with a breathtaking view to the most famous French stunning love symbol.

Italy, Venice, The Bridge of Sighs

Venice, The Bridge of Sighs

If you are eager to love your partner forever, head to Venice and find this 17th-century bridge. According to a well-known Italian legend, if you kiss your beloved one on a gondola under the bridge you'll never cease loving each other.

New York, The Top of the Rock of Rockefeller Center

New York, The Top of the Rock of Rockefeller Center

Feel the energy of love and money at the observation deck at the Rockefeller Center's GE Building - promoted as The 'Top of the Rock'. Breathtaking panoramas of Central Park and the Empire State Building would be a great background for your breathtaking kisses.

Morocco, Essaouira, The Old Town

Essaouira, The Old Town

Step through the gates into Essaouira and feel like entering a time machine: the city’s narrow medieval streets, covered markets, and historical sites will make you feel excited, and take you back to a different era. The ramparts, the port, the view of dancing cawing seagulls, the smell of the sea air…Just stop on one of this narrow medieval street to look into his (her) eyes and whisper “I love you”.

Turkey, Buyukada, viewpoint at the Aya Yorgi Church

Buyukada, viewpoint at the Aya Yorgi Church

Bring your beloved one to the island of Buyukada - a Turkish paradise lost in time. One hour trip to Buyukada by ferry from Istanbul and you are there where time stands still. With no cars and only horse-drawn buggies, magnificent churches, filigreed mansions and romantic restaurants all along the shore, it’s definitely a must destination for honeymoon and romance. Take a horse-drawn phaeton and go to the highest point of the island - the Aya Yorgi Church revealing breathtaking views to the island and Marmora sea - for your most memorable kiss .

Hawaii, Maui, The Lahaina beach resort

Maui, The Lahaina beach resort

Maui is often described as magical island of happy people, and it lives up to its reputation. We suggest you to go to Lahaina beach resort in Lahaina city. This is one of the prettiest cities on the Maui island with the real Hawaii style beach. Here you can stroll hand-in-hand along the white sand seaside and get lost in lush valleys.

Dubai, Burj Khalifa

Dubai, Burj Khalifa

Kiss while enjoying the view from the tallest building in the world (828 meters, 160 flours and 4,6 million dollars to build it). Come here late in the evening to sip delicious cocktails in a posh Armani bar, and enjoy evening fountain show in front on the building.

Croatia, Groznjan

best places in Croatia, Groznjan, hotels in Croatia

As picturesque as a masterpiece – the town of artists, Groznjan, is a very special place. Crowning the top of the hill it takes you back to the times when people valued beauty and were not rushing anywhere. You can just walk hand-in-hand along its narrow streets, gaze at tiny doors, colorful house number plates, quaint window openings and rough stone benches, where you can stay and kiss. Every house here seems to have come from a fairy tale or a fantasy novel: so you definitely should walk into a local art shop and buy something special for your beloved one.

Philippines, Bohol, The Chocolate Hills

Bohol, Philippines, the best hotels Philippines, The Chocolate Hills

This is a genuine place for love. According to the local legend, these Philippian island Bohol unique 1260 Chocolate Hills are tears of a giant named Arogol. He fell in love with a local girl Aloya. Her death plunged Arogo into pain and misery, and in his sorrow he could not stop crying. When his tears dried up, the Chocolate Hills were formed. Just think of love watching this truly impressive scenery.

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