Sunny Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of my favorite towns in California. It feels like you're in a small paradise away from the rest of the world. A sunny town just between San Francisco and Los Angeles with beautiful beaches, amusement parks and beach broadwalks.

Pacific ocean road

It's located about 100km to the south from San Francisco and that means you need to drive along the coast of the Pacific Ocean - which I want to remind you is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in the world with mindblowing landscapes.

Californian fishermen

You can meet all kinds of interesting people and see different places on your way there. In the end you tend to stop every 10 minutes because you just can't ignore all the beauty of nature around you. Here we met a fisherman who showed us how he was catching crabs.

Santa Cruz near the ocean

Entering Santa Cruz. A beautiful small town right by the Pacific ocean. Pretty ladies in bikinis, palms, the beach volleyball. Welcome to paradise!

Beautiful Santa Cruz

This town is famous for three things: a beautiful beach, a long pier with many shops and an amusement park right by the ocean.

Amusement park in Santa Cruz

The amusement park is located literally right at the coastline. It is definitely not the largest amusement park in America but it has this classical spirit, that reminds you of the sunny 80-s.

Best places ti see in Sanra Cruz

The natural beauty of its coastline such as of the Natural Bridges State Beach or of the redwood forests makes you love this place from the very moment you arrive there. There is no use of making it your final destination, but it's sure worth visiting if you're exploring the Pacific coastline, a redwood forests or just want to find a peaceful place to eat while driving through California.

Happy people in Santa Cruz

Everyone is very cheerful and happy here. We got to talk to complete strangers, received many advices where to eat and what to see. At one point you start feeling like being at home and just want to stay here just a little bit longer. Do enjoy the moment and forget about the rest of the world.

Santa Cruz scooter ride

Also if you have a chance rent a scooter. At least for an hour. If you ever thought of doing that - there won't be a better place.

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