Falling for Cuba

The rhythm of salsa, the mysterious rainforests, sugar-sand, and the historic charm are amazing but what truly makes Cuba unforgettable, is her people. They teach you how to dance and how to live. And how to enjoy life to its fullest.

Jana Ultra love Caribbean island Cuba

It was my second trip to Cuba which made me understand – I love this Caribbean island. This time we spent 16 days there and drove 2600 km across the country. 

Caribbean island Cuba Street Cafe
Caribbean island Cuba Sightseeing Monument
Caribbean island Cuba Night Street
Havana Caribbean island Cuba View

Our trip started in Havana, the largest city in the Caribbean, and to my mind it is one of the most culturally rich urban centers in the world. In addition to castles, cathedrals, mansions and museums, the city has a special spirit – people celebrate life in clubs, cabarets and impromptu street-side salsas.

Havana theatre Caribbean island Cuba Monument

A fragment from the Havana theatre.

Caribbean island Cuba hotel Park-Central View

A great view from the hotel Park-Central. Here you can sit in a bar that is on the roof of a pool.

Caribbean island Cuban Men

Cuban men...Women are very lucky here!

Caribbean island Cuba hospitality Booking Casa

To experience true Cuban hospitality I suggest booking a casa, run by locals, not a hotel. Staying in the casas, eating lobster dinners and talking to friendly owners is an amazing experience.  Given the chance, these people welcome you with open arms.

Caribbean island Cuba Locals Pig Walk
Trinidad Caribbean island Cuba Jana Ultra Romantic

Trinidad is an amazing city. Everything is so beautiful, romantic and picturesque here. 

Caribbean island Cuba Jana Ultra Waterfall

I will never forget how cold the water was in this waterfall. The only way to get me here for a short photo-session was to, first give me some rum!

Camaguey Caribbean island Cuba Jana Ultra Walk

Camaguey – one of Cuba’s oldest cities. It is located 330 kilometers from Havana. The city is characterized by its labyrinth-like architecture. You will have to look twice for the center in the midst of its muddled-up streets. Knowing that this is one of the most criminalized cities of Cuba I hesitated before taking my camera with me. So i did just a few shots with these lovely grannies.

Caribbean island Cuba Jana Ultra Pier Walk
Caribbean island Cuba Melia Cayo Coco hotel room
Caribbean island Cuba Jana Ultra Melia Cayo Coco balcony morning

We drove from Camagüey to take sunbaths and to swim on the white sand beaches of Cayo Coco. We chose the Melia Cayo Coco hotel’s water bungalow for our three days of pleasant laziness and boozing.

Caribbean island Cuba Jana Ultra Cayo Coco beach

Cayo Coco has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Only the beach in Zanzibar comes close to it.

Viñales Valley Caribbean island Cuba

I suggest you to go to The Viñales Valley - one of Cuba’s greatest natural attractions, which was declared a National Natural Monument for its remarkable landscapes.

Caribbean island Cuba Mural de la Prehistoria paintings

I loved the views and the Mural de la Prehistoria paintings. In real life it looks even more impressive.

Viñales Valley Caribbean island Cuba horse riding

The best way to explore the valley is to get on a horse.

Caribbean island Cuba Mural de la Prehistoria paintings kiss
Caribbean island Cuba horse riding kiss

Some passionate kisses...

...and my very first salsa video. But not my last one because I am definitely returning to Cuba someday!

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