A Lot Like Love

I’ve often envisioned what heaven would be like. Now I can picture it... Heaven exists, it is a place, called Desroches Island Seychelles.

Desroches Island Seychelles Paradise Pool

I haven’t been everywhere, but in comparison to Mauritius, Mahe, Bahamas and Hawaii, Desroches island drop kicks other islands to the curb. It’s another level of perfection. Paradise served in style, with understated elegance and grace. Everything is so beautiful that you walk around with a permanent smile on your face.

Desroches Island Seychelles Champagne Beach Relax

It’s said that the island brings out your deepest, truest feelings so, if you are happy, you become ecstatic, if you carry sadness, you become depressed and if you are simply “being”, you become more you than you’ve ever been. You actualize and evolve parts of you’re subconscious  that have been dormant and still. It’s as close to a spiritual experience that I’ve ever had and now that I know that this place exists to return to…  I can cope with the everyday problems, better.

Desroches Island Seychelles Girl Laptop Beach Work

The world's sexiest office: lying on soft warm sand, under the shade of an island palm tree, wearing your bikini, while working on your laptop. It's ideal! 

Desroches Island Seychelles Tanning Beach Sunset Girl

Days are spent tanning on exotic beaches, and indulging in delicious delicacies. The views are so incredible that you can spend the day staring and dreaming in a fantasy reality.

Desroches Island Seychelles Sunset Ocean

The perfect way I wound down my day was by taking a dip in the ocean at sunset. The skies colours mirrored on the water is breathtakingly beautiful.

Desroches Island Seychelles Boat Cruise Ocean

Or I enjoyed a boat cruise, sipping on champagne, in the middle of the ocean, before returning to a long hot bubble bath in my villa and then a barefoot stroll onto the beach for an outdoor dinner celebration.

Desroches Island Seychelles Culinary Comfort

Desroches island is a sensual experience, from the comfort of the soft sand, to the gentle caress of the cool breeze through the palm trees, to the mouthwatering culinary treats, to the oversized beds at night... there are a thousand different things to delight and excite.

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