Snowboarding in French Alps

There are many place you can go skiing and snowboarding. I want to share my experience about Les 2 Alps resort in France I went to last year. So far it's been my personal favorite place. Keep reading to see why.

Les Deux Alps village

This year we've come to a small French village called Les 2 Alps or Les deux Alps. It's a small quite village right in the middle of beautiful French mountains. Seems like ideal place for snowboarding or skiing.

Stunning Les 2 Alps

Once you get up the mountains it literally feels like you're on the top of the world. Views are just breathtaking.

Stunning views in Les 2 Alps

Somtimes you just want to sit and admire the beuaty of the landscape surrounding you. I think I could sit there all day long.

Les 2 Alps skiing and snowboarding

But lets not forget the main reason we are here - which is of course having fun.

French Alps beauty

And you can sure have it here a lot.

Snowboarding tricks french Alps

You can't really get tired of this. Not for a moment.

Mountain bars France

Eventually if you do get tired there are plenty of bars and restaurants right on the top.

Check out the party video up in the mountains.

French alps village

Besides snowboarding it's worth checking out the village itself. Wooden houses, small streets. Perfect mountain village just as you would imagine it to be.

French alps mountains Les Deux Alps

And of course mighty mountains all around you.

Party life Les 2 Alps

For all the party people there are many night life events - clubs and bars. Just don't forget that you need to get up early in the morning for the next snowboarding day.

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