Florida Road Trip from Miami to Key West

I've been in New York and Texas, California and Arizona. This time I've decided to have a road trip through Americas southermost state - Florida, check out Miami and rich the popular Key West point - the southermost point in America.

Orlando airport

Actually our journey started in Orlando where we've arrived from London. So first things first. Lets get our cars - American style.

Mustang and Camaro

What kind of a road trip would it be without real American convertible muscle cars? Certainly not the cheapest way to go but it is deamn worth it.

Miami Key west road trip

First of all we had to get to Miami where our journey would begin. By the time we got there it was already late night.

Miami road trip to Key west

The next morning. Hello Miami! What can be better that a beautiful morning in Miami beach right in front of the ocean?

Miami sunrise

Since we are here it would be a shame not to explore the world famous Miami beach before leaving for the Key West.

Miami sunrise beautiful

Beautiful sunrise with the baywatch tower.

Baywatch tower in Miami

One of the most popular baywatch towers in all Miami.

Miami beach district

Such a beautiful place to start your day.

Miami map

Today our plan is to get to Americas southernmost point - Key West which is located only 90 miles from Cuba.

Ford Mustand convertables in Miami

So lets take our roof down and head off.

Miami downtown

Let the road trip begin. First of all we had to drive through Miami itself which took us about 2 hours.

Miami dowtown driving palms

Fortunately it's a very beautiful city and driving through it is pure pleasure.

Beautiful Miami

We're in America!

Convertables in Miami

Another benefit of convertibles. Easy to admire city and take photos.

Key West roads

Once you get out of the city you end up on a long highway that is made of 42 bridges that go from island to island until you reach the last Key West island. So yo're pretty much driving through the ocean. The view is spectecular.

Endless beautiful road to Key West

Just an endless road through the ocean. If we could go about 120 miles to the left we would end up on Bahama islands.

American muscle cars in Florida

And of course driving down this road is even more fun and enjoyable if you have American convertibles.

Welcome to Key West

Finally we are here. Welcome to the paradise.

southernmost point in America

It didn't take long to find the southernmost point in America.

90 miles to Cuba from Key west

Only 90 miles to Cuba. It is much closer to Cuba from this point than it is to Miami which we've just arrived from.

0 miles highway in Key west

The highway that ends in Key West, U.S Highway One, is 2209 miles long and runs from Fort Kent in Maine.

Small Key west

The Key West itself is a very small island.

selfie in a key west

It took us about 5 minutes to drive through all of it.

Beach in the Key west

One of the most popular places in Key West is the beach.

Key west beach

Sign in front of the beach.

beach in the Key west

Real paradise. All of the sand on the beaches of Key West were shipped in on barges from the Caribbean.

Key west map which countries have been here

Found a map that shows people from countries and cities that have been here. Quite a lot have to admit.

Key west sunset

So here is a small insides about our trip to Key West - really beautiful place to visit. If you ever have a chance to come here - go for it. And make sure to do that in a convertible American style.

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