Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa: the Island That Stays in Your Heart Forever

Down at the southern tip of the 800 km island chain of Maldives, next to the local Gan airport there is a tropical paradise called Shangri-La. Here you are welcomed by an unbelievably starry sky (it’s just 60 km south of the Equator), a lush green tropical forest, and of course a 5* luxury hotel, privacy and a sense of space – unusual for Maldives – which is what I loved about it the most.

Shangrila, Maldives, best holiday on Maldives
Shangri-La paradise Maldives SPA Resort
Maldives, Shangri-La, best islands Maldives

Villingili is a large island and has a lot to offer: three freshwater lagoons, the only nine-hole golf course in Maldives, wide white sand beaches and lush tropical jungles. And the most amazing - The Chi spa, where treatments are inspired by local healing traditions

Shangri-La, Maldives, best holiday on Maldives
what to eat on Maldives
lobster food restaurants hotel Maldives

The food here is worth separate post. Each lunch or dinner in one of three restaurants was a gastronomical orgasm. And here I tried the best tuna sashimi and the best lobster dinner of my life. 

best beaches Shangri-La Maldives

Going by bicycle (each guest has their own bicycle) is something especially enjoyable here, as you can go around the two-mile-long island, stay in the middle of the tropical jungle and just listen to the sounds of birds and flying foxes…

Maldives Shangri-La flying fox

This cutie lived in our villa. Flying foxes or red head bats are absolutely harmless animals. 

Sunset Dolphins cruizes Shangri-La Maldives
Best cruizes Dolphins Shangri-La Maldives

The sunset dolphin cruise allows you to watch amazing spinning dolphins of the island’s vast turquoise lagoon coming along with the boat.

Shangrila Vilingili SPA
golf resorts on maldives
Best holiday on Maldives
Shangri-La sunset

Like a pearl in its oyster, you’re embraced by the soothing ambience of Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa.

Water Villas the stunning view

Villas are on the beach, above the water and even up a tree. My choice is the water villa where during your relaxation you can enjoy the stunning view of the azure waters meeting the sapphire-colored skies.

See more photos and info at Shangri-La's Villingili Resort & Spa  

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