San Francisco: From the Golden Gate Bridge to Bedroom Dancing

Urban and peaceful, chaotic and cozy, and unbelievably beautiful - this city won my heart, as did my number one in the world - Paris. I do envy the locals who can live in such beauty every day.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

I can’t say I loved the center of the city with its skyscrapers, as I much preferred staying at the Fisherman's Wharf with its beautiful piers. Popular with tourists and sea lions, the Fisherman's Wharf is full of shops, silly museums and family fun.

San Francisco piers dreaming feeling happy

But I preferred piers with fewer tourists as you can just enjoy your time, reading or dreaming, and feeling happy.

Riding national landmark San Francisco

Ever ride a national landmark? It's being done every day in San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island beautiful scenery San Francisco

We haven’t had time to go to Alcatraz Island, but couldn’t stop shooting this beautiful scenery.

Beautiful girl Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge beautiful scenery view
Golden Gate Bridge beautiful scenery view

It was so difficult to select just a few pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge - a technical masterpiece that can only be described in superlatives for its beauty.

Beautiful girl portrait Olympus

My son Misha loves making portraits of me with his Olympus xz1.

From America I brought a new hobby – movie making. Enjoy this short video of my San Francisco.

Spencer Mansion hotel room in San Francisco
Do not disturb sign Spencer Mansion hotel San Francisco
Beautiful girl Spencer Mansion hotel mirror San Francisco
Beautiful girl Spencer Mansion

Thanks to we found this amazing Spencer Mansion where we spent plenty of pleasant minutes...

Living in this house was like living in a fairytale, which inspired me to make this video... Enjoy!

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