Winter Fun in Chamonix Village

Our first trip to Alps began with one of the most popular skiing resorts in France - Chamonix. It has a cute small village right between the mighty mountains all around it and it is located only 15 minutes away from Italy and about an hour away from Geneve which makes it a perfect location for three countries - Italy, France and Switzerland.

Cute Chamonix village

Welcome to Chamonix village. Small streets, wooden houses - classical village in Alps.

Mountains in Chamonix

The village is surrounded with mountains all around it. You can appriciate it once you get up the mountains.

Beautiful mountains in France

And the views up there are just breathtaking.

Mont Blanc peak

Mont Blanc peak - the highest point in Alps - 4695 m - right in front of you.

French Alps

It doesn't matter wheather it's sunny or cloudy, in both cases landscape looks gorgeous.

snowboarding in a swimming suit

In our case it was so hot - you could easily snowboard in a swimming suit. But the snow was still perfect.

Having a drink in a mountains

You can always chill in one of the bars on top of the hills.

Beautiful Chamonix

Or just sit on slopes themselves admiring Chamonix village in the valley.

Beautiful house in Alps

Even the house we took was pretty deamn awesome. Classic wooden style, just as you would imagine.

Closed hidden bed in Chamonix house

Probably the best thing was the an extra bed that was hidden inside the closet. We found it by accident. You can imagine our shoch when a huge bed appeared from nowhere.

Best skiing resort in France

So much for the Chamonix. Now that we've been there we can see why it's considered to be one of the best skiing resorts in France or even in Alps.

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