Paradise Island in the very center of Pacific Ocean - Oahu!

Hawaii sounds like a paradise. Everyone has heard of them but not many people have been there. Especially from Europe. But I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to visit this magical place and have to admit - it far exceeded my expectations.  

Oahu island in Hawaii

Hawaii islands are an archipelago of eight major islands that are located in the very center of the Pacific ocean. The most popular island is Oahu island which hosts such world famous places like Honolulu city and Pearl Harbor. Real paradise in the middle of nowhere. 

Diamonds eye from above

The island has several old craters that you can climb and explore. 

Palms in Hawaii

Once you land you really feel like you are in paradise. The spirit the weather the people. 

Surfers in Hawaii

Almost everyone on this island surf. Men and women, young and old. Everyone.  

Hawaii traditions

Hawaii is officially an American state but you definitely feel the traditional spirit of local people. 

Beach in Oahu

When I arrived in Hawaii I didn't really know what to expect. Should I expect a typical American state or a a place like Bahamas or Thailand. As it turned out Hawaii are both.

Beutiful blue water in Hawaii

It is just unbelievable beautiful island. Honolulu is a really modern city with huge skyscrapers, outlets and highways but at the same time it’s a real paradise. Palms, blue ocean, clean weather. The combination of civilised world and nature paradise amused me.

Honolulu beach

The city starts right next to the ocean. Just like you would imagine.  

Surfers statue in Honolulu

As I already mentioned Hawaii is one of the best places on earth for surfing. You can sense it all over the city.

Amazing spirit on the streets of Honolulu

People are just so happy. No stress, just smiles. You just live and enjoy your life here. 

People enjoying life

No stress. Leave all your problems behind and just live your life to the fullest. 

Swimming with dolphins

And so I did. I've accomplished so many wishes in just a couple of days. Swimming with the dolphins - check. 

Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing - check. I guess this is an ideal place to try it.  

Huge waves in Hawaii

And who doesn't love huge waves? They were awesome. There are hundreds of beaches all over the island and each one is unique. This one as you have guessed had pretty huge waves.  

P.S. My height is 194cm, so you can imagine the size of the waves.

One of the best beaches in the world

This beach is a perfect place for surfers. See all the people on the surfboards waiting for the right wave to come.  

Surfing paradise Oahu

If you are a little tired of the big city, just drive out of it into a real country and feel like you're back in the 80's. 

Living my life

But as for me.. I just couldn't get enough of it. There is a heaven on earth and it's right there. Want to rest on a remote beach under a palm like on Maldive islands? No problem. Or maybe you want to hit some clubs New York style? Easy. All you could wish for is right there. 

Sunset in Hawaii

As the sun sets everybody gathers by the beach to witness a beautiful sun disappearing beneath the horizon..

Sunset paradise

People keep swimming and surfing even after the sunset.. 

Sunset hawaii style

These were one of the most astonishing sunsets that I've witnessed. 

Night life in Hawaii

If you're in a mood for the night life feel free to hit the main street in Honolulu - Kalakalua. Bars, clubs, restaurants - all at your disposal.

Beautiful Honolulu

There's nothing better than having a glass of wine with a beautiful view on Honolulu after a long day of swimming and surfing.

Fireworks in Hawaii

And of course fireworks on the beach which I was lucky enough to admire right from my balcony.

I'm pretty sure that Hawaii won't leave anyone unimpressed.  

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