Hawaii Skydiving - the most Beautiful Place for Flying

Skydiving or parachute jumping is an unforgettable experience. It's not something that you dare to try every day though, so if you decide to go for it, why not doing it in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

Skydiving Hawaii - the most beautiful place for skydiving in the world

This year while exploring Hawaii islands I've accomplished another one of my thing on my bucket list - jumping with a parachute or skydiving. This was something I wanted to do for a long time. I guess I'm just the kind of person who wants to try as much as possible in life. Before that I've tried paragliding, bungee jumping and all other this kind of fun. So skydiving was the last thing I haven't tried.

There are many places in the world to try it. But since I was flying to Hawaii and as it turned out there was an opportunity for skydiving I've decided to go for it. 

Parachute jumping or skydiving in Hawaii

We took off in small plane and before I realised what happened we were flying several km up in the air.

Flying over Oahu island, parachute jumping

I believe this was my first time in life when I wouldn't land in the same plane I took off. In fact that I wouldn't land in a plane at all.

Inside the plane with parachute jumpers

This wasn't what you would call a business class. The plane was as simple as it can get. Every person had an instructor and a personal photographer. 

Jumping out of the plane with a parachute

Before jumping the photographer gets outside to take the best shot. And then it's time for your first jump.

Flying like a bird - breathtaking

When you get out of the plane you loose focus where the earth and the sky is. Everything just goes upside down.

Flying with the parachute - skydiving

So you take several loops before stabilising. 

First jump with the parachute in my life. Amazing

Once you do you have about 50 seconds of freefall. At this point you drop at about 200km/h. No need for the helmet but glasses is a must have. 

Flying over Oahu island  

If I'm honest it's hard to admire the view whilst freefall. Everything just goes really quickly. Besides, you need to smile to a photographer as well.  

Flying over Hawaii islands, skydiving

Many people asked me about the temperature. We jumped from about 3 km height wearing just shorts and t-shirt. Well, it was a bit chilly in the begining but this is Hawaii - so it was getting much warmer once you were closer to the ground. And if I'm honest the cold was the last thing on my mind at that point.

Opening parachute technique

After 50 seconds what feels like forever you open the parachute and feel a huge brake Your body starts to slow down rapidly.

How to take photos while jumpiing with a parachute

I distinctly remember the photographer that kept falling since he needs to land first to take some shots of us landing. 

Admiring Hawaii island while skydiving and paragliding

And only now when you are paragliding instead of falling it's a good time to admire the beautiful landmark. 

Landing with the parachute. Skydiving landing.

Everybody says that the most dangerous part is landing. You need to watch your legs. But in my case it was nothing special, very soft and easy landing. 

Safly landed after jumping with the parachute

Thanks to my instructor and www.skydivehawaii.com for this awesome experience that I'll remember for the rest of my life.  

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