Lanzarote in Agent Provocateur Style

I loved everything about Lanzarote. Spectacular volcanic landscapes, which look like they are from a distant planets, the peaceful beaches with white sand, transparent water and the impressive views of the small islets that can be glimpsed from the cliff tops. My favorite Agent Provocateur bikini and my boyfriend Kevin made this the perfect vacation.

Best vacation on Lanzarote
Best resorts on Lanzarote
Balcony view on Lanzarote

Beach vacation and Agent Provocateur are made to go together! I always feel so beautiful and sexy wearing it!

Surfing on Lanzarote

Puerto del Carmen is a paradise for surfers. We tried it too with Kevin! I’m very proud I could stand on my board from the first attempt!

Beach of Lanzarote
Beautiful sunset on Lanzarote beach

I absolutely loved the wild beauty of the island! Don’t expect anything glitzy or flashy though; this quiet revolution is all about staying in chic, eco-friendly places and spending your days riding the motorbike, walking, surfing or sampling the local wines.

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I feel free when I travel. For me, all borders disappear as I step onboard of a plane. Modeling is my passion, and when I travel, I do many photo-shoots. I’m different when I travel: one day I can just sit in a street cafe watching people passing by; another day I learn to surf; and another day still, I just want to stay in a huge hotel bed all day (preferably with my boyfriend). Every trip changes me. Coming back I have the strength and energy to change something for the better in my life.

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