About My Most Sensual Travel Experience Ever

When I first came here with my friend, we were speechless... We were nearly in tears as it was beyond our imagination.

Desroches island – one of the most luxurious and expensive travel destinations on Seychelles. Being on the Forbes list of the best remote destination of the world it is worth every cent you pay for staying here.

As many Hollywood stars have done, we were enjoying staying at one of their huge beach retreats - the naturally inspired and tastefully modern exclusive Villa. The most sensual travel experience ever was swimming naked in a private swimming pool or in the ocean in the morning (each of the guests staying at the resort has their own private beach too).

Beautiful Seychelles

Champagne, to celebrate our arrival. On Desroches you just want to celebrate every minute of life!

Under sun umbrella at Seychelles

Yes, time stands still here...

Seychelles islands
Seychelles paradise

Snorkeling around the island I got to see sharks and sea turtles!

Private pool of Seychelles islands

Each guest staying at the resort has his own private swimming pool and beach.

Best hotels on Seychelles islands

Seychelles turtles are huge and very curious

Best beaches on Seychelles

Sunset cruise around the island with our charming captain

Capital of Seychelles

If you are really up to luxury, book the most expensive villa on Seychelles – Madam Zebra (12 000 euro per night), with a private chef, butler and masseur staying at the villa 7/24.

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I fell in love with traveling much earlier than I fell in love with my first man. And I'm still faithful to that love (But I have exchanged some men since my first one). I have never had a reason to regret my passion. I constantly dream of going further, it gives me indescribable emotions and meaning to my life.

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