My American Dream: San Francisco to Los Angeles via the Coast

When we were planning our trip to America, we had different plans and options. But one thing was indisputable – to drive from San Francisco to the city of Angels via the famous Californian Coastal Highway number 1. And we did it!

We were driving leisurely along the coast for about 800 km and enjoying the quietness of Carmel, the charm of Santa Barbara, the splendor of Big Sur coastline, the posh Hearst’s hilltop castle and the beautiful beach side. It is one of the most beautiful roads in the US it winds along the edge of the North American continent, mere feet from enormous drop-offs into the Pacific Ocean.

If you are lucky enough to be here, don’t rush! You will stop every hundred meters, but believe me – you will never regret it or forget this trip.

Ford Mustand in California

Driving a legend. It’s a MUST to rent a convertible Mustang – one of the iconic American cars. And of course my choice as a blond girl was a red one.

Californian costline - beautiful

Carmel by the sea or simple – Carmel. City of poets, painters and bohemian folk. And just amazing beach side.

Piano by the coasline in California, San Francisco

If your soul sings – just stop on your way and express yourself!

Big Surf District in California
Big Surf District in San Francisco

Big Surf district – one of the most spectacular sections of the highway. And one of the most expensive. Property prices here go up to 2 million dollars.

Sea lions on the shore of California
Sea lions in California

One the way you can find funny sea lions..

Oil station in Pacific ocean

… and oil rigs

Beautiful coastline

Swimming in the Pacific Ocean

Sitting by the coast in California
Admiring Californian coastline
Santa Barbaras arches

Santa Barbara and its famous arches

Venice beach in LA

Couple of hours driving from Santa Barbara and we arrived to the city of Angeles. Sea, Sand and Sun – it’s Santa Monica!

Beverly Hills district

Beverly Hills. The movie and one of America’s most expensive neighborhoods

Rodeo Drive

I felt like Pretty Woman walking along the famous Rodeo Drive (the movie was shot exactly here)

Bugatti Veyron in LA

One of the most expensive cars in the world – Bugatti Veyron. Nearly one and a half million dollars. I want it!

Los Angeles walk of fame stars

Touch your star. Walk of fame

Best food on Venice beach

And of course - the food! We found America’s best snow crabs in Marina del Rey just a few steps from the famous Venice beach


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