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What amazed us most?

The Hotel has a rich history. It was built as a "Hope House" in the Victorian era (1849) and was loved by Charles Dickens for its extravagant interior.

Why should you come here?

There are some hotels you only want to spend a night or two in. And then there are hotels with a soul. Hotels that you will always remember and will always want to return to. The Athenaeum Hotel is just such a hotel. Very British, very homely and with a superb location in the central London: it wins your heart from the very first moment you arrive.

Our story

The most special thing about the resort we remember after coming home

“Welcome to your ‘home-from-home’ in London” says the doorman Jim; the Hotel’s face. Jim is always ready to help you with a cab, hold up an umbrella on a rainy day or tell a typical English joke to brighten your mood first thing in the morning.

“There are more movie stars to be seen in London’s Athenaeum Hotel than in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel”, states the hotel website; and then proves it with a long list with their celebrity guests. Including Robbie Williams, Steven Spielberg, Russell Crowe and many others. So, when we got an invitation to stay there, and to review the Hotel we accepted it immediately.

The Hotel has a rich history. It was built as a "Hope House" in the Victorian era (1849) and was loved by Charles Dickens for its extravagant interior. The 'athenaeum' name was first used over 150 years ago when the house was bought by the Junior Athenaeum Club as the ideal spot for entertaining MPs, Lords and ‘the great and the good’ of London.

Later on a movie star called Sally Bulloch became a Director of the iconic hotel. She was often seen here with the likes of Harrison Ford or Marlon Brando. Or drinking champagne in the bar with Joan Collins. Spielberg even installed an edit suite in the adjoining apartment to his own. He edited ET, Close Encounters and Indiana Jones right there.

Staying at this luxury hotel on Mayfair, you feel it's truly amazing history. There is a book in every room which tells you it in every detail, and I could sleep the first night we arrived before I finished it... 

How to make

the most of your stay

  • Whether before, or after the dinner, you can enjoy one of their 300 whiskies in their surprisingly discreet Whiskey Bar: full of quiet corners… This is the largest selection of blended Whiskies, and single malts, in any hotel in London!
  • The award-winning restaurant in the Athenaeum has it all: exceptional food, and amazing service. The dinner that we had there was just unforgettable. I strongly suggest you to try one of their famous steaks. This could be accompanied by one of their amazing wines chosen for you by the restaurant’s sommelier.
  • Enjoy an afternoon tea: considered to be one of the best afternoon teas available in London.
  • In the morning you can try the traditional Full English breakfast, or you can opt for the healthy fruits, yoghurts and nuts to make sure you have enough energy to enjoy your day in London.

is there to see?

London, London, London... The Athenaeum is the perfect spot for your short break in the capital. The hotel is superbly located opposite Green Park and within walking distance to Oxford street,  Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and many other London's attractions.