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What has amazed us most?

The long and mysterious history of this Gothic castle that dates back to the 12th century.

Why should you come here?

To enjoy a stay in Edinburgh’s only castle hotel in luxurious accommodation. To relax in a tranquil estate, set within 50 acres of sprawling woodland only 10 kilometres away from the capital of Scotland. To get married and arrange a beautiful ceremony - or to mark the anniversary of your wedding.


special thing about the hotel

Melville is not just a copy of a historical building, it’s a real castle, which was completely rebuilt in the 18th century. It was carefully restored and meets all of the criteria for a traditional Scottish castle, with a resident ghost, tartan carpets and an open fireplace in the library.  

I came here for a friend’s wedding and was able to enjoy Scottish traditions, food and music in full. I was really impressed when I saw the magnificent grey stone castle in front of me. When I entered the spacious lobby, I marvelled even more: I was surrounded by impressive art works, paintings in huge gold frames and antique furniture and accessories. I felt like I was in a museum, but with an extremely homely, warm atmosphere.

the most of your stay

The castle has 32 elegant bedrooms. We recommend booking a chic room with a grand four-poster bed, elegant maisonette with enchanting views of the surroundings woodland, or one of the stylish two-room bridal suites located on the ground floor with private exits to the courtyard.


to see and do around

Melville Castle is located just 20 minutes from the center of Edinburgh, where you can visit magnificent Edinburgh Castle, have a stroll along the Golden Mile, and climb Calton Hill, the best spot for a spectacular view of this glorious and mysterious city.

get here

Melville Castle is situated near Dalkeith, just 20 minutes’ drive from Edinburgh Airport and Waverly train station in the center of Edinburgh.

There is another, more luxurious way to get to the castle – by helicopter. There is space to land on the lawn.