Affordable Luxury awardBoutique-Design Hotel award

What amazed us most?

The “bridge” connecting the glorious past and the modern present of the hotel.

Why should you come here?

To experience the charming and homely atmosphere; to feel real Portuguese traditions and live a true Lisbon experience.


Just going into the reception we felt the special vibe of this place. The melodies, the decor, the light … all of that invited us to feel the Lisbon spirit straight away. The charming and homely atmosphere of the hotel made us very receptive to the romantic mood, especially when we found out its interesting story.

The hotel was built in central Lisbon about a hundred years ago and nowadays has been reborn like a phoenix from the ashes. Thenew owners had an idea of creating something special; the “bridge” connecting a glorious past, and the modern present, of the hotel. The former Braganca hotel was renovated as LX Boutique with the idea that it should allow guests to feel the real Portugal, and live a true Lisbon experience. And it really does.

We began with a sweet chapter. Every evening guests can help themselves to traditional golden custard tarts and Port wine. Don’t forget to buy them and take them home as a souvenir. You can find them easily in Lisbon’s traditional sweet shops. 

The hotel tries to be special in every possible way; even this statement on a card in our room made us laugh. Does ‘luxury’ really exist only for this purpose? So instead of luxury you will feel naturalness, harmony, good taste and distinct elegance in every room. And in every hotel corner.



For the exceptional views and comfort we recommend that you stay in an extra spacious Suite. It features bright colours and a very light design; but with taste and simplicity at the same time. The result is surprisingly minimalistic, and cosy at the same time.

There are not many hotels in Lisbon offering roof top terraces with a view over the river Tagus. However, the LX Boutique Hotel is one of them. You can continue enjoying the city; relaxing on your private balcony in the evening after a lovely, but tiring, day.  


LX Boutique Hotel is conveniently located right in the centre of the city; just few steps from the river Tagus and immediately inviting you to take a relaxing walk along it. There are amazing restaurants, unique art galleries and the bustling districts of Chiado and Bairro Alto… all within walking distance from the hotel. But if you are feeling tired, or you are just lazy, you can sit for hours on the balcony and meditate with a glass of traditional Portuguese Port wine… enjoying the amazing views to the harbour, and red roofed houses and think that exactly the same landscape has amused travellers for a hundred years.



The hotel is located in the heart of the capital city; within 30 minutes drive from the Lisbon airport.