A Beach Paradise awardA Romantic Escape awardExceptional Service award

What amazed us most?

The sheer size of the hotel grounds and the luxuriousness. Lush tropical gardens, nature trails, a private helicopter landing pad and even its own spectacular mountain which you can climb to get an astonishing view of the Baie Lazare area.

Why should you come here?

The Kempinski Seychelles Resort Hotel is considered to be one of the best hotels on the Seychelles Islands and is, in fact, the only hotel in the chain to be located in the Indian Ocean. Whether you are coming with a partner or taking the whole family, this hotel has you covered. You can experience most of the island without even leaving the hotel grounds - the landscape, seaside and even the wildlife and animals. It’s a paradise within a paradise island.

special thing about the hotel

"Wow, it’s huge”, we thought as it took us five minutes to drive from the gates to the reception. We instantly felt like we were in paradise. A completely remote spa area with various unique health treatments, a lake, gardens, a beautiful deserted beach that stretches along the coastline, a kids' zone where parents can leave their kids for the whole day, a personal helicopter pad for helicopter tours around the island or a quick transfer to the airport. Every detail has been carefully thought out.

The hotel has a huge variety of facilities and entertainment but the most spectacular part has to be the nature walk. The hotel has its own nature expert. You could call him the Bear Gryll of Kempinski, and he knows absolutely everything there is to know about the land and the wildlife. The tour starts at the reception, continues through the hotel grounds, and stops by different plants, birds and even spiders. We walked through the hotel jungles exploring the nature, eating some fruit and plants along the way and finished at the very top of the mountain with a fantastic view of the hotel and the bay.

I think there is no better place on the island to watch the sunrise. There's also a special yoga class that starts at sunrise, before breakfast. Even if you are not a yoga fan, you should definitely try it.

How to make

the most of your stay

  • Make sure to sign up for all the activities the hotel has to offer like the nature walk, kayaking, snorkelling to a fish cave, the coconut show, yoga on the hill, the Kempinski Cocktail Workshop and much, much more.
  • Have dinner in one of the restaurants. We recommend Cafe Lazare which has live music every day.
  • Enjoy the spa facilities
  • Visit the hotel library which contains all of the books that guests have left behind over the years.

is there to do and see

Another amazing thing you can do inside the hotel is tortoise feeding. Yes - the hotel has its own tortoises. And not just any tortoises. The largest ones in the world. They love when people come around to feed them or even stroke their necks. It’s the first time that I’ve seen tortoises this friendly. Some of them are about 50 years old but they can live to be 200 years old. I wonder what their secret is...


to get here

The hotel is half an hour's drive (24 km) from Seychelles International Airport, and 40 minutes (32 km) from the capital, Victoria. You might need to take a taxi to get here. You can also use public transport to get to know more about how the locals live; it’s absolutely safe here.