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Beautiful people. Beautiful places. 

TripTemptation.com portrays the beauty and amazing possibilities of traveling. We provide wonderful travels and great vacation ideas together with stunning travel photos for those who prefer the most exquisite things in life. We inspire to travel the world in style with the help of our beautiful travelers - famous singers, fashion bloggers, writers and models.

Founded in May 2014, TripTemptation.com is a rapidly growing luxury travel website with an engaged community of young and wealthy people passionate about travel. Today people don’t have time to read long texts, so our travel website is based on pictures – professional, beautiful and inspiring. The combination of great pictures, short original texts and great design distinguishes our website among many other travel related online media. 

TripTemptation beautiful travelers and experts post new articles every day, covering a full range of categories including destination guides, hotel reviews and travel fashion. We provide both - personal experiences of luxury travels and our own professional original pictures - which is much more trustworthy and engaging than any traditional advertising.

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